As a summer visitor from Tucson, I was appalled by the letter concerning us. My husband and me have been coming up to the White Mountains for over 25 years. The beauty of the wildlife, parks, running streams, lakes, bald eagles, etc. has brought many people to the mountains. I can only speak for me and the friendly seniors in our park. We are a seasonal park.

With the COVID virus, we did bring our own cleaning supplies, paper goods and toilet paper. Even brought up a freezer with food.

My husband being retired military, I volunteer to help the Elks Lodge. I do not take the White Mountains for granted I love and respect it. I can wait until October to come to see the out-of-town license plates roll into our town of Tucson. They bring money to our community and are very friendly seniors, like us.

They even write great letters to the editor of our local newspaper saying how grateful they are with such a warm welcome they are receiving.

So please take a look in the mirror and be thankful we share the community where we all live and love.

Rita Guerrero


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Don’t Tucson my Show Low


Your Show Low doesn't exist without us outsiders


Yeah, and your vacation place dosent exist without us locals. I have to laugh at some peoples logic. Living in a once tourist rat trap where a small percentage of business owners were sure they made the world go around. No they dont. There's plenty of thriving communities that dont have a terrorist invasion every summer and they do just fine. Its the lazy ones like you who think its to much effort to drive an hour or so to get supplies that destroy rural communities with your "I want it NOW" mentality. Leave and dont come back, I can assure you 95% of us who live here could care less. Have a nice day and take the attitude with you when you go home.


Hey I missed the letter but I think I would've liked it. I hate the summer invasion.


Russ and his republican extremists are always looking for ways to spread hate and division to the point of hurting local businesses by making visitors and summer people unwelcome. What would the Run of the Pines car show in Pinetop, the Fall Festival, Show Low Rodeo Days be like if outsiders did not come to attend and to participate? Clearly, Russ and his republican extremist followers main intentions are to forment hate and division in our communities. It is the "us against them" tactic used by republican extremists to blame somebody,anybody to deflect the attention away from our nation's multiple crisises. The sad part of it all, is that they are hurting the local economy which means less local tax revenues, which in turn means less local government services can be provided or fees for those services have to be increased.


Funny stuff there Al. I have relatives in a dem run state next door where topping the list of new laws was passing one to prevent discrimination over hairdoo style. That was right after months legal battles to outlaw Styrofoam cups and food containers. That was followed by making paper grocery bags illegal,which after $millions$ in wasted tax dollars was reversed because plastic bags blew around in the wind and were hard to catch. Yep...the worlds on fire and your buds are worried about Styrofoam food containers. Far as that hate speech goes...people in glass house shouldn't throw rocks Al.


Hate speech is what your Fascist leader Trump and his useful idiots espouse on a daily basis, Conchodian


The summer invasion would be tolerable if they would wear masks and not crowd every public place during this pandemic. Wear a mask or go home!

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