In my view, Navajo County is in a population pandemic.

Been to Walmart lately?

Even on my quiet, rural dirt road with county zoning for 20-acre parcels to build structures/drill wells, a local 'flipper' bought a grandfathered parcel of 18.3 acres with the intent to rezone it into three, 6.1-acre lots.

That would mean three new septic tanks, three new wells, and if monsoons return, three new homes that, with de-vegetation induced flooding, would impact every resident driving my road. A road privately maintained (it ain't grated with county equipment, folks).

That would mean three new families lowering our water table, too.

I'm all for entrepreneurship and forward-thinkers, but what I cannot stand? Outside landowners expanding my neighborhood without suffering the everyday impact of living in my neighborhood, all under the guise of 'affordable housing' (15 miles from town). I cannot stand outside landowners who won't have to deal with the increased traffic on a road I pay for, or whether new wells in my surrounding area are drilled lower than my own — which could dry me out.

My message is buy, flip, sell parcels all you want — just don't mess with zoning.

Zoning is set to protect land, sustainability, and citizens. Our ground water is finite. A hearty rain won't press the "refill" button on our aquifer.

The population pandemic brings more fear of sustainability than COVID-19 for many of my neighbors. Local infrastructure, law enforcement, and resources are currently being over-strained. Why bother having zoning regulations if exceptions to them become normalized?

Courtney Lewis,



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I agree there is no right to rezone property. Zoning is a legislative act establishing the most appropriate zoning to achieve a Comprehensive Plan. Rezoning should not occur just because some new owner wants to make money off the land. Zoning is there for a purpose and unless conditions change, zoning should stay the same.And, we should be able to rely on that as neighbors.


No one enforces current zoning ordinances at all in this county. People living in sheds and campers county wide, no septic, no nothing. They also pay no property taxes to speak of but use and abuse the little maintained roads we do have.

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