This is something that was brought to my attention, My father is in bad health.

He really does not have long on this earth. Due to his heart is failing.

This has been an on going thing, and my family has done our best to help him. He has been in and out of the hospital.

And spent time in both Havens but he had to go back in the hospital, in the valley. I am his oldest son and have been dealing with my own health issues.

My father is stable enough to get transferred be to Haven, but they won’t except him. Why because they said he has not paid his bill. Does anyone see a problem with this?

Asking a dying man to pay his bill before we even take care of him. If a person does not have long on this should they not be able to die with dignity? Have we lost our humanity as a society? That is the question I am asking.

Howard Ketner,

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I am sorry about your Dad. It sounds like he is a candidate for Hospice care rather than a rehabilitation center which Haven is I believe. That may have more to do with the rejection than outstanding bills. Medicare will pay for hospice in my experience with elderly parents. Best of luck to you.


Howard: Keith is right. When my wife was dying of Alzheimer’s, Medicare paid for her home hospice. What is more, once hospice takes over the care, they also undertake to provide nearly all needed prescription drugs which Medicare also covers. In my wife’s case that included one medication which ran about $4000 per dose. My experience refers only to home hospice. I cannot say how they handle residential hospice. Has anyone had that experience to pass on to Howard?


I have had to move into an "assisted" living facility in the Valley (precious little "assistance we get) and I just thought I'd suggest you get in touch with your Congressman and/or Senators and see what they can do.


Yes, I see a problem with this. It is the Legislators job to figure this out, not a dying old man's!


First off, let me say that I'm so sorry your dad is going through this and in no way am I saying anything negative about you and your family. I'm just going off of experience.

It is so expensive to run an Assisted Living/Nursing Home, such as Haven. Around this area, there are not a lot of people who can afford the monthly cost. The only way to help a person is for them to either have long term insurance or get approved on Arizona Long Term Care. The latter is getting harder and harder to get people approved.

Some families use the income of the loved one that is in a facility for themselves and do not pay the facility. A facility certainly can't maintain if not paid.

I agree with the others here, see if your dad qualifies for hospice. Maybe check NACOG to see if they can help.

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