“It’s the electric chair for Trump!” Some will know what I mean. Others need to look it up. You gotta love this guy. Who else could shake up America like she needs to be. “Anything that can be shaken will be shaken from within.” Let not your hearts be troubles, if your principles are firm you will stand when the shaking begins. “Trump 2020!”

Kevin Weaver,

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Got to love it - Just crate turmoil and drama for the sake of it, with no plan in mind!


How weak you must be to look at Donald Trump and see strength.


Just remember this man calls himself a man of God....but he is not!! He is the devils own....


Why would a President Making America Great Again infuriate libtards? They hate America. T R U M P 2020 get used to it


Trump is exactly who we needed and continue to need at this time in history. He is winning everyday and it shows. The economy is soaring and the liberals still won't pull their heads out of their backsides and admit it. All they do is lie. Pathetic bunch of people.


By looking at the growing field of feckless democrat Presidential candidates, Trump's a shoe-in for reelection. Someone should send a memo to the DNC that raising taxes, opening the borders, destroying wages, and spending trillions of dollars on pet environmental projects that won't do a thing to impact 'climate change' isn't a very sound campaign strategy. Better yet, hold that memo..

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