For once I agree with Pres. Trump.

I was listening to a TV press event on Saturday about the Corona virus where Trump was saying his response to the virus was unprecedented. No other administration has ever done the same!

I agree. Everything he has done during his term has been unprecedented. Unfortunately, it has always been worse than any other administration in my 81 years of life.

Mitch Mitchke,


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It's so funny that when he banned and restricted travel from China everyone called him a xenophobe, but if he didn't do that and it caused more wide spread infections everyone would have protested that he didn't act fast enough. Obama did nothing for the first several weeks of the swine Flu epidemic but no one raised an eyebrow about that. Trump derangement syndrome is real folks! There will be medical studies written about it for sure.


The Obama administration declared the Swine Flu a public health emergency on April 26, 2009, when only 20 cases and no deaths had been confirmed. Two days later the Obama administration requested from congress funding for a vaccine and was allocated 7.5 billion dollars. The World Health Organization declared the Swine Flu a pandemic in June 11, 2009 which means that Obama's public health emergency declaration was more than six weeks before the Swine Flu was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. On the other hand, the Trump administration has done absolutely nothing in the last 3.5 years to curb the spread of the Trump Derangement Syndrome to conservative members of the republican party. It's symptoms are described as: pathological lying, dishonesty, delusional, immorality, narcissism,greed, grabbing women by their genitals and a lack of patriotism.


Trump said he will step down as president in 2024, Mitch. Enjoy the ride until then.


Hey Russ, The Constitution says he will step down in 2024, unless of course he has plans to completely destroy it, a distinct possibility and with Mitch's ardent support.

commador perry

Trump looks weak and defeated.

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