Trump lost the 2020 Presidential Election in Arizona as well as the entire United States of America. The partisan recount in Maricopa County by the Republican Senate in Arizona concluded that Joe Biden actually won by a total of 360 additional votes. (Breaking News: Donald Trump was not cheated of victory in Arizona’s largest county in 2020, a draft of a Republican-ordered review of the election showed,, 9/23/21)

Why is it important to state a fact that is already accepted by a majority of Americans? Because Donald Trump keeps lying to his constituents that the was election was stolen. There is no proof of any significant voting irregularities. Even an illegitimate recount could not uncover any fraud. The numbers are clear. Trump lost.

Unfortunately, the Senate report from Arizona Republicans tries to fabricate a series of story lines that suggests there were problems with voting in the 2020 US Presidential Election. None of their conspiracies are backed by a single shred of evidence. It is all conjecture and partisan banter. Thus, instead of accepting defeat and turning their attention to the difficult job of governing, most Senate Republicans are perpetuating the Big Lie.

The sooner we move on from Trump’s persistent delusion that he won the election, the better off we will be as a country. Trump lost. Plain and simple. Let’s put it behind us and focus on the multiple challenges that lie ahead.


Gregory Jarrin, MD,


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Five words that stop Trump supporters' hearts: "You lost, you're just embarrassed"


How is Trump lost because of voter fraud any different than Hillary lost because of Russian collusion?


Hairy, to you...there is no difference at all. That's the point ..too bad you miss the joke


No I got the point just pointing out the DNC used similar tactics for those who didn't.


Hairy: If you have any evidence of voter fraud that would have changed the outcome of any election, post it. I promise I will vet it objectively.


Did you read the report? Do you know the difference between a count and an audit? A count looks at how many an audit looks at whether they were valid. The headline stays the count was accurate. The report CLEARLY states there were problems with how many of the votes were valid. Let me give you an example. If i give an envelope of money, a count tells you how MANY. dollars are there. An audit examines each bill to determine if the bill is counterfeit, or if the bills should have been in the envelope. Did some sneak some into an envelope? When mail-in ballots were "returned" before they were mailed out that is fraud. When there are no signatures but the ballots were counted - that is fraud. When people vote that have moved and are no longer eligible- that is fraud.


The only fraud that is out there is the man himself, "FORMER GUY". May I please restate a fact? "You lost, you're just embarrassed"


And then the aliens could fly down and digitize the count and take it back to Mars. Then they will.mix it with chemtrails and ship it back. Most of the aliens are Progressive Democrats.


I am just saying that saying voter fraud is no different than saying Trump colluded with Russia to win over Hillary. Remember we had an impeachment over that one.


It's all about evidence that is proven and that could have a material effect on the outcome. Material as in meaningful.

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