The recent Trump rally in Phoenix was an incredible experience for me. I waited 10 hours to get in, but this once-in-a-lifetime experience was well worth it. I know many people don’t like our President, but it is hard to deny that he has accomplished more in three short years than most. I don’t like some of his style, but I love the deregulations and tax cuts and the abundant jobs now available.

It is clear that most of what has been done is by the President’s force of will, since he’s had little help from Congress and lots of push-back and certainly no credit given.

With the prescription drug prices soaring and surprise medical bills bankrupting patients, Congress could make themselves relevant by coming up with solutions to these problems and bring great relief to millions, yet they continue to dither. I don’t think the President can fix these things alone. Congress can write legislation that will change the landscape of our healthcare. Do they really want to spend all their time investigating and complaining about the President? If they do, they may find themselves out of a job.

Clayton Jacobs,


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Mr. Jacobs I can't agree with you more. I for one don't like the way Trump acts as a person, in other words he wouldn't be my first choice of friends. However, he's accomplished more during this presidency than most. As Americans we need to put our petty differences aside and work together. Now I guarantee you'll have people discredit your article in the comments section but just know that you were spot on and they're the ones that need to grow up and take that next step. Good article.




"A mass rally is designed to switch off the thinking process. Only then will people be ready to accept the magical simplifications before which resistance crumbles.".....Adolf Hitler


cakeman you are so correct. The Fascist demagogue trump has accomplished nothing,but blame everyone else for his many failures...he is after all, the Blamer in Chief. Still waiting for him to get his nose out of Kim Jung Un's posterior and do something that helps the American people not just his family.


"I would take the word “brainwashing,” put it aside, and think about the science of social influence and all the research that’s being done, especially about online influence. Modern tech companies are learning how to make their platforms sticky, how to gather data from our “likes” and “retweets” and use it to quietly manipulate us.

My reason for doing this book wasn’t really about Trump or Republicans or Democrats. It was to take everything I’ve learned about how vulnerable human minds are and how psychology works. We’re living in a very different world where the conventional idea of “brainwashing” is really obsolete and the idea of a cult as a small group of people sharing physical space is outdated.

The internet has changed things, and I think Trump is an example of what a 21st-century cult leader looks like."

- Steven Hassan, "The Cult of Trump"


Trump has done quite a lot. Anyone in the construction/remodel field will tell you by the amount of back log they have. Yes several people do not like the things he has accomplished, get over it. Nothing is free as we keep hearing from other side, who gonna pay for it.


Cakeman has it right. Now as for the author’s love of Trumpian policies: He says “* * *I love the deregulations and tax cuts and the abundant jobs now available.” He thereby expresses his devotion to tax cuts for the rich and for highly profitable corporations as well. They did little for working families and act as a long-term drag on the economy because there was virtually no investment or job creation by those beneficiaries; rather, the stored more wealth and the corps simply bought back shares.

The author’s beloved deregulations are nothing but a fig leaf to grant virtually unconstrained license to polluters to increase their poisoning of the environment with no consequences. Much the same thing applies to all those abundant jobs. For nearly half a century now, the right wing, in a malignant fellowship with the business sector, has relentlessly pushed the economy back toward slavery, which is the penultimate goal of Capitalists.

This unholy enterprise advantages technological worker displacement and sends droves of those workers into lower paying service jobs which are increasingly temporary; part-time, with few or no benefits; and on-demand or contract labor. After decades of effort, these neo-Fascista finally found someone who could unambiguously voice their malign ambitions and effectuate their subsistence pay schedules. The real wages for Americans have remained stagnant for decades.

He further blurts, “With the prescription drug prices soaring and surprise medical bills bankrupting patients, Congress could make themselves relevant by coming up with solutions to these problems and bring great relief to millions, * * *”, but offers no solution to those problems. What could be done is to lower the age limit for Medicare to 55 next year and continue to lower it in five year increments each year until everyone is covered, while eliminating premiums, copays and caps. I have already identified and posted just over $5 trillions per year which could fund that change, with enough left over to forgive all college debts.


Hmmm, a lot of big words being used in your post, but it still sounds like socialism to me. Please identify a single socialist country with a better standard of living than that which we currently enjoy in the USA?


Jcm744: You failed to specify just what in my post sounds like Socialism? In fact, however, not one thing I have ever posted in these or any other pages has anything whatsoever to do with Socialism. In fact, Socialism is a manifestly proven failure wherever it has been tried and I want nothing to do with it. What has repeatedly occurred in response to my comments is a blatant attempt to redefine the term itself in order that it, and I, may be misrepresented in pejorative terms. This is largely because my detractors have nothing to propose and no argument to make.

I remind you that Socialism, no matter the flavor, has an essential constituent which must apply: “a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.” This has nothing to do with who pays the bills. In short, the false re-definition of that term is meant to cast every disliked policy of the government into vituperative disrepute. Clearly, there are virtually no extant socialist programs nor any being proposed in the presidential campaign with the exception of the DVA and BIA health systems.

Your question is facetious because there are only four nations on the planet which practice anything like Marxist-Leninist Socialism (China, Cuba, Laos and Viet Nam) and even they have varying degrees of Capitalism mixed therein. The USA is almost 100% capitalist and most likely to stay that way. Public programs such as parks, highways, Social Security, the USMC, the CDC, food stamps, etc., are all paid for by the federal treasury; however, that does not mean they are Socialist.


Refer back to comment 1, I told you so. People don't like Trump because they want everything to be free instead of working for it. JFK "Ask not what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country." Democrats now want free stuff from their country and that's how they vote for the best candidate, who'll give out the most free stuff, its pitiful.


Jordan, define what republicans mean by "free stuff." Everything that the government does for the citizenry to" promote and provide for the general welfare" is paid for by tax revenues. Those taxes are paid by everyone, working or not. They are paid by a person on welfare at the gas pump, at the clothing store, at the hardware store,etc, etc. Just because a person has fallen into hard times and may have no income does not mean that they don't pay taxes. On the contrary, they pay all sorts of different taxes which most likely go to make life better for everyone including yourself and all republicans. The difference between Democrat ideology and republican ideology is that Democrats want taxes to be used for the benefit of everyone especially the middle class and the poor. Republicans want tax revenues to be used to benefit only the wealthy and profitable large corporations. BTW, In 2008 when the republicans under the republican Bush government were bailing out the corporations with "socialism" and no pay back to the taxpayers, where were you?


[thumbup] You're so right that it breaks my heart.


Jordan: To begin with, nothing is free in the economic sense of the word. In the limited context of public programs, “free” means with little or no out-of-pocket costs to the recipient. You may recall the enormous benefits to the nation arising from the GI Bill following WWII. In that public program, vets got access to higher education with few or no tuition costs and often received a stipend as well. The return to the nation in terms of increased productivity and well-paying jobs was incalculable. Today we select promising youths to attend our service academies where they receive excellent educations and are paid while doing it. These were/are not examples of Socialism and they do not represent something for free given to those who do not wish to work for them.

Education is one of the best investments a nation can make. Each dollar invested in early childhood care and education yields $17 to the nation in return. Over the course of an average lifetime, a four-year-equivalent degree (the weighted average of associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s, professional, and doctorate degrees) gives government $471,000 more in income, pay¬roll, property, and sales-tax revenue—more than twice what it would collect in lifetime taxes from a high school graduate lacking a college degree. These are not handouts. Ensuring a higher education to those who otherwise could not afford it is a high-earning investment in our future.

I view ready access to quality health care to be a fundamental human right. As a people, we are signatories to various international protocols which illuminate that as national value and, presently, a number one concern of Americans of all political parties. The journal of Epidemiology and Community Health has published research which points out that “local and national public health interventions are highly cost-saving. Cuts to public health budgets in high income countries therefore represent a false economy, and are likely to generate billions of pounds of additional costs to health services and the wider economy.” By decreasing both the age and widening the general coverage of Medicare we would not only be honoring our marquee values but making necessary and shrew investments for nation productivity and competitiveness.


I wish i could have attended, but as I am confined to a power wheelchair (and again my thanks and prayers for God's blessing to al the wonderful people who helped me get it via I am unable to go to very many events a good distance from my current residence in Phoenix.

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