Donald Trump is making a big fuss about contesting his election loss. One of his big suits in Arizona would affect less than 200 ballots, far short of what he would need to win Arizona’s 11 Electoral Votes.

So, why make all this noise if there is no chance of victory? As they say, follow the money. Trump is asking his supporters to contribute to his election contest.

Unfortunately, that is not where the money is going. A large share of the money goes into two slush funds that Trump intends to raid during his much-deserved retirement.

Not a penny goes into actual election contests until an individual contributes more than $40,000, according to the fine print on his donation forms. How could someone disrupt American democracy, damage our beloved country, interfere with the transition of power, disrupt the Pentagon and make such a fuss just to pocket some extra cash on the way out the door? Well, that’s The Donald.

I’m sure he very much appreciates his donors, or as he says, suckers.

Eric Kramer


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