As US and Arizona citizens we have to have a "government approved" ID to board a flight to anywhere. I'm not a big fan but I go along with it and all the indignities we have to go through at the hands of the TSA. All in the name of keeping us "safe."

We have also been inundated with news stories about the measles outbreaks all over the country and the hand wringing of the "experts" who insist that we all get vaccinated. So I ask you what about all the illegals who cross our borders? It has been reported that DHS is flying illegals from the border to locations further inside our country because they are overwhelmed by the "refugees." So I ask these questions — are they being vetted like a US citizen would be before being flown anywhere? Are they going through TSA checkpoints like a US citizen would have to go through? Are the illegals getting vaccinated like we are being urged to get?

The media "reports" that the measles outbreak are all because of anti-Vaxxers but I wonder if this is true or is it an excuse because measles and other diseases are being brought by the illegals?

John Ebert,


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Please change your tv channel. Thank you.


O.K. John, I give up. What are the answers.

Johnny D

I'm impressed Mr Zimmerman. A one sentence reply instead of a 5 paragraph tome!


Well there you have it. If you don't like the facts and reality, pop off with another conspiracy theory. I mean, what do all those folks with advanced medical degrees know? All those researchers at the CDC and all the research done at top notch labs across America doesn't compare to what you can learn by listening to Right wing talk shows.


I think what John is saying is that it appears that illegals are getting better treatment in regards to travel and vaccines than most US citizens. As a side note I just read that CBP has apprehended citizens from the Congo crossing into Texas. I would hope that these people would be put into quarantine due to the Ebola outbreak going on there.


Mr. Ebert, the answer to your question is that the Trump administration is in charge of implementing those issues your letter refers to. The problem is not caused by the immigrants as they have no say as to how U.S. law, policies, and regulations are carried out by the current administration.


It's all by design.. these well-funded migrant caravans, the inaction of congress to address the problem, illegals being dropped off in communities all across this country. You've become an undesirable to the powers that be and you're being replaced. It's pretty simple actually.

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