“United we stand, divided we fall”, Abraham Lincoln, 1858, “And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand.” Mathew 12:25.

Two phrases we need more the ever.

In recent years the country has become the most divided it has been since the Vietnam War or even the Civil War. The nations division is destroying it from the inside allowing for hate and anger to infiltrate every citizens life, controlling them and breaking them.

People who were once best friends are now mortal enemies all because of different opinions. You’d think in the land of the free people would accept people who thought differently from themselves but that is clearly not the case. People are putting their own selfish desire above the good of the people, thinking what is best for them is best for everyone. Not considering other people’s perspective on the situation and throwing their empathy out the door.

This plus the lies being spread and the need for someone to choose a side and mindlessly follow that side with no reason or their own investigation is what destroying America. And you, the reader, are probably agreeing with me. But as you are reading this, you are blaming someone else for the divide in the nation, and that is the problem.

The truth is we, all of us, are responsible for the thing that is destroying America. Not just one side. It is an issue all of use created and all of use must fix.

I encourage you to open your mind to other people perspectives and try to understand the other side. To stop saying it’s us versus them and start saying it’s us verses the problem.

It’s honestly sad that as a high schooler, graduating in a year and a half, this is the world I have to step into. That in the twenty-first century people are still needlessly dividing themselves. But it can be fixed, it needs to be fixed if the world is to keep turning.

Joe Woolridge,


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Excellent letter, Joe, and an admirable and worthwhile sentiment. However, your statement that “People who were once best friends are now mortal enemies all because of different opinions” is off the mark.

It is not just opinions that have divided people, it is actions and deeds. Actions like the vile, seditious insurrection at the Capitol on January 6. Actions like militarized police killing unarmed citizens. Actions like almost-weekly mass shootings with semi-automatic killing weaponry and NO actions by our representatives to do anything about it. Actions like the wanton spreading of the Big Lie by delusional cult members who refuse to acknowledge the results of a free and fair election. Actions like overt hate-mongering by white supremacists.

I’m sorry, but I simply cannot understand that “other side.”


Actions like letting hoards of illegals across the border and doing nothing about it. Actions like calling people the "other side". Actions like killing babies every day but spending millions to protect the spotted owl. Actions like not acknowledging good law enforcement that risk their lives every day protecting us. Actions like not acknowledging that mental health is what's killing people, not guns. I can go on and on, it's not one side is right and one side is wrong. We need to work together and help each other out instead of pointing out the fault of the other side because this is America and we help each other out.

Concerned Conservative

You’d think in the land of the free people would accept people who thought differently from themselves but that is clearly not the case.


Yet virtually every mass shooting and recent terrorist attacks have been home grown and did not come across the border in hordes. The people coming across the border want nothing more than to be able to work and live and raise their families in an environment, however bad we think it is, as still better than what they escaped. |

Yes we are 100% in agreement that mental health is what's killing people, not guns. So why not identify and treat those mental issues? Why do we keep allowing those with mental health issues to have unlimited access to guns?

Yes, there are far more good law enforcement personnel than the few bad apples. But what happens when you leave that rotten apple in the barrel with all the good apples? It turns more and more of those good apples bad. Until police start policing themselves, they are all tarnished by that same brush. There was an officer who was fired for speaking up about the Floyd killing. 15 year veteran, she spoke up and tried to get her dept to address the situation. Fired for speaking up.

No side is perfect. You have one side at least suggesting solutions, while you have the other side screaming no and offering nothing. Maybe start being proactive for a change.

This young person who wrote this letter is the one that will be inheriting the mess we have made of this planet. He and others like him are the future. How about we leave them something besides a burned up cinder?


I absolutely agree with addressing mental health, then let's address it, banning assault weapons isn't addressing it. I agree with taking care of bad apples in policing, but even when a cop SAVES a young black woman from getting stabbed we criminalize him, it's not right, no matter what they do we find fault with it. Yes there are bad apples but there are far more good apples that we need to start watching out for too because a world without police and rules is chaos.

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