I have lived in Arizona 77 years and have seen good Mayors and councils who act on important issues, and some that are more concerned about not rocking the boat. This letter is about two issues that the citizens of Show Low should follow. I have lived in Show Low for almost a decade and a couple of things just look as if no one cares or wants to act on.

1. You would think the City would have started right after the Rodeo-Chediski Fire, and then the destruction of Paradise, California. To put in place WUI building codes and adapted the Fire Wise Codes, but Show Low has stayed quiet and not takes the responsibility to protect the people, buildings etc of this good city, and the glaring question, why not? When your elected to the mayor and council positions you have a clear responsibility to act to protect people and the city if you can’t or won’t why did you run for office, this issues has been covered for years by the newspaper and yet the city leaders remain silent, it seems that don’t rock the boat has been in the oath of office here for years.

2. The city bought an interest in Show Lake a few years ago and it was in the newspaper, that they were going to build a water treatment plant at the lake and use that to add water to the system for the people of Show Low, again the city has been silent on why no plant has been built, so now the city is dumping its share of the water in Show Low Lake on the ground at the Bluff Trail at night and its been going on for the whole month of June, and it looks like it will continue for a long time, because in Arizona if you don’t use it you lose it and then the question is why did they buy it if they were not going to use the water for the city to grow and help the city from having to dig deeper wells for awhile. The people of Show Low know what the city is doing and should hold news briefings so the paper can get the story and the people can know what is going and why the city won’t act to protect the city from becoming another Paradise, California. And to use water in the right way.

Robert Struck,

Show Low

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These are excellent points Bob. I know what you are talking about. How can this County handle the growth if they cannot get their act together? Things need to be planned and then the plan executed. This is not a game. We need smart and responsible people in government and that is not what we have now. What do we need to do to wake people up? I have a few ideas...No that is not a threat Brad.


Hey Justsayin141, I am curious. Robert's letter is 100% about the Show Low city mayor and council. So why are you talking about the county?


Robert. Most city councils that are planning for the future will purchase water rights for future growth. The issue then becomes what to do with that excess water now that in the future you will need for your growing population, but right now it is not needed. Sounds to me like dumping into Show Low lake is a good use of that excess water that must be used to lose. Suggestions?

Maybe if you don't like how things are done, you should run for Show Low city council?


I realize this is another town, but how about dumping the excess water in Woodland lake. The lake was emptied for work, and the idea was natural rain/snow melt would fill it, which has not materialized. It could really use the extra water if Show Low is dumping it.


Hi pxllr I was chosen as 1 of 50 people in the State of AZ to be a spokesperson for infrastructure needs up here by The Democratic Party. Would you like a real nice water tower?? You can pressurize the water and have it ready for your needs immediately. What color tower would you like? I am serious.


A tower? That's a joke right? How about filling all the near empty reservoirs up here?

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