I’m not looking forward to the elections this year. I listen, and pay attention, I read books but I have my questions. The ads on the TV are crazy. One shows Biden saying he’s not going to raise taxes, next ad shows him saying the Yes he is going to raise taxes. So which is it? If I would vote for Biden and he wins, we would become socialists. Well, Russian was called the U.S.S.R. then it was the United Soviet Socialist Republic, and it was communist. Not now! They didn’t like communism. Good for them!

Look at the state we are in. We have Kelly running for State Senator even though his campaign is being paid for by the Chinese. His motorcycle has a Chinese flag on it. Hey, I don’t want to be a communist. What is it with you people? Do you really want to be Socialist heading to become communist? Is this what you want us to be.

Right now these states are not United. We are very divided, so in my eyes we can no longer call us the United States of America. You know the old saying United we stand, divided we FALL. We have a lot of problems facing us what with all the protests, COVID-19, our dry weather, to be Socialists or not, raising taxes (which they all want), and may other problems. Well, at this rate there bill be another Civil War. Since we don’t elect the right people, this country will be in complete chaos, immigrants will overrun us and take over our jobs, there will be no stability, no place will be safe, anywhere, and eventually our great country will fall apart at the seams. There will be no peace and we will never by a FREE county. Everyone will carry guns. Is this what you all want?

Soon all over the world we will become the Socialist States of America.

Doesn’t that sound like fun?

Well here is another thing. I watch shows on TV where veterinarians go out to face tough problems, they have dart guns that shoot darts at whatever animals they are helping. Now those dart guns have darts that shoot with a tranquilizer that stuns the animal. When they are done with treating the animal, they give it another shot to bring is around. So here is my question, why can’t the police be taught how to use these same dart guns on people? They wouldn’t be using guns with bullets and it would be much safer.

Wake up people, it’s up to us to vote and have the country we were born and raised in.

Rhonda Brown,


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Rhonda, the first thing you need to do is to learn the difference between "socialism" where the government owns and controls all the nation's means of production,manufacturering, distribution and sales of products, there is no private for profit ownership. There is no such thing in the U.S. In contrast, the founders of our country already belonged to a "social society" and to further improve our American society, they established the U.S. Constitution, which is really a "social contract" that is written in the text of the "Preamble of the U.S. Constitution." Rhonda please take out the dictionary and look up the definitions of socialism, social, society,and social contract, then look up the words Fascism, corporatocracy, Autocracy, Oligarchy and decide which poses a bigger danger to the American people and our democracy/republic United States of America.

Alan Joseph Smith

Republicans again and again incorrectly use the word socialism. Don t any of you own a dictionary? Yes we have socialism: fire & police depts, USPS, Dept of Transportation(roads), Dept of Defense(military), etc. There are very few examples of socialism in the US, but they exist. Our government does not own manufacturing, agriculture, transportation or warehousing of goods. These are the tenants of socialism and these will NEVER occur in our great democracy.

Bob Smith

Rhonda, everything you see on TV is garbage designed to sell you more stuff - do what I did over 20 years ago and toss it out. Talk to people in person and ask them their opinions (you'll be amazed how civil the conversation can be compared to what you see on TV or online.) Do your homework and think for yourself - don't let the idiot box think for you!


Well, Rhonda, you will pardon me if I point out that your letter is a little long on conspiracism and a little short on fact. Please follow up with a list of your examples of just what parts of our economy are Socialist. I thought not.

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