As we head into the final months of the year I want first to thank my community for the generous support you have provided our organization. In troubled and often contentious times you have shown what community support can accomplish.

Going forward toward the new year, I want to ask for your support for not only Walking Down Ranch but all the community groups which could benefit from the array of tax credit alternatives available in our state.

Briefly, our state government has seen fit to enact a series of tax credits where citizens can act to give their tax dollars to certain qualifying organizations rather than sending all their taxes to Phoenix to be spent as our elected politicians legislate. I urge all of you to consider this local alternative based on your own priorities.

I am not soliciting on behalf of Walking Down Ranch, although I would hope you would consider us among the alternatives.

Broadly, the tax credit is broken down between various charitable organizations and educational support, although you can contribute to both multiple categories of eligible organizations. Every dollar you contribute becomes a reduction in your tax liability to the state, not just a deduction reducing your taxable income.

Under most circumstances this means the contribution does not cost the donor anything; they are merely redirecting taxes otherwise payable. All this is more fully explained online at “The Arizona Tax Credit Website - How To Redirect State Tax Dollars You Owe To Causes You Choose”

Please take some time to consider this wonderful opportunity to keep tax funds in our local community, whether to veteran’s welfare and/or some other cause based on your personal priorities. If you agree with me that this is a valuable way to support the White Mountain area in general, perhaps you might share this letter, which will be posted on our website. It could be read to or distributed at your church or other local gatherings. You could mention it to your friends who might see the benefit of local compared to state priorities. Every dollar of your support would be appreciated and benefit the cause you choose.

Maggie Heath is the Executive Director of the veteran’s aid non-profit group, Walking Down Ranch.

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