There are about 80 K-8th grade students who live in our area, but for whatever the reason choose to attend other school districts other than Vernon School.

The budget for the year is 3.5 Million. The district receives $5,497 base support from the state for each student, that is part of other funding not including property taxes for a total of $2.6 million.

To makeup the difference of $895K of the $3.5 million budget, the district must levy a property tax rate of 6.3380%. If those 80 students would attend Vernon School, this would bring in additional $440K in revenues and would cut our school tax rate from 6.3% to 3.2%. Currently the school tax is 48% of your property tax bill. Including property taxes, the district the per pupil revenue is $21,114, which is 2.13 times higher that the State average total per pupil revenues of $9,920.

This brings about several questions. What is the reason that 40% of the K-8 students who live in the Vernon do not attend the local school? Why are we even being taxed? If we deduct the revenue from property taxes, the amount of revenue would be $15,826 for each student. This amount is still 1.6 times higher than the state average total per pupil revenues of $9,920.

Stephen Coombs,

Show Low

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Look deeper into how Vernon school district is ran. I have 3 children 4th grade to kinder that I drive daily to showlow school district. I feel the drive is well worth the payoff for a better education for my children.


Vernon area residents were sold a bill of goods to get this District Started. What was billed as a cost effective alternative to SLSD and Round Valley to serve students in the Vernon area has turned into an expensive gamble that is no longer affordable. It should combine with a neighboring district or dissolve. Sort of like Vernon Fire.


A unique opportunity that Vernon has, is that every school district has a bus stop in this area. Buses come from Show Low, Snowflake, Concho, Blue ridge, Vernon, and even Sequoia. We have the option of all of these school districts within 1 mile of our home at the "Y". Most parents do not have this opportunity to choose what school their child attends and have the ability to put their child on a bus. If they do change schools they have to drive their child into the school which is not an option for many parents. Vernon is K-8 and while it was a very good education for my kindergartener, it was not a good fit for my older child. I appreciate having the choice and I am sure other parents in this area do as well.


Time to shut her down. No more wasteful spending for Vernon taxpayers in one of the poorest county in the country.

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