Vote No on the RV park zone change near Camp Tatiyee.

Added traffic in the area at the beginning of our town. The RVs will be making left hand turns to go home on Sundays. This park is not for low income housing, it is for camping in town.

The increased population will bring their own groceries and most likely will not bring revenue to our town as stated by them. Where will these patrons go shopping?

Safeway in Show Low, Walmart and restaurants they see on way to town, which all belong to Show Low.

Speaking of shopping, we need 50-70 additional families fighting over low supplies. And three more additional zones are being planned which would increase that number to 200-280 families. These families will be barbecuing burgers, cooking s'mores and sitting by the fire.

Increasing smoke pollution to the area. If evacuated for fire we will be following the big slow rigs out of town, risking the towns safety. Not to mention the increase of trash and crime.

Families living on Vallery Lane will have increased noise, barking dogs, people walking down their road, as well as ATVs driving around. Because there isn't places for the people to recreate in the area.

Yes, they have the trail, and Family Fun Park. But what else is there for them to do?

So they will be driving everywhere increasing the already congested summer traffic!

So, vote No and make our Town Council make better town plans for Pinetop-Lakeside!

Suzann Bingham,


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Yes. We need to take care of our home first before anything else.


When I first read this letter to the editor, I thought it was satire. Surely, nobody could be serious with the "reasons" cited. No money for Pinetop-Lakeside because they will only be stopping in Show Low? BWAHAHAHAHAHA Increased smoke pollution from barbecuing? What kind of barbecuing is the letter writer engaged in? That must be some sight. The rest of her reasons are speculation and frankly nonsense. Come on all of you that are voting no, at least come up with valid and logical arguments for why people should vote no instead of something that sounds like a sore loser whining.


We don't need anymore reasons to vote NO, than a crowded, loud and over-packed RV park with all the other loud junk that goes with it. I cannot see me Not voting against such an assault on the community. No, and it's my Final Answer.


ok to start..... Our county government has done nothing to make us safer from losing our home to a massive wildfire. We don't like the attitude that the visitors bring with them. Such as treating us like we are the workers at their amusement park. How would you like us camping in your community park down in Phoenix?. Of course we will haul in all our noisy toys that will ruin your undeveloped areas like is done to the habitat in the National Forest up here. I could go on but I am sure other people will have input. You have no right to disrepect the writer of this article.


I'm with Hurtado on this one. I thought it was a joke when I first read it. Then realized this person is for real. High probability the author moved here from the big city just a few years ago. They should have added that all those extra people are going to rob the banks and steal the kids Halloween candy and I'd have taken them more seriously.


Whtmtnres you have said nothing but you show great disrespect for the writer of the article. It's make me think you may have a financial interest in this? The women in Navajo County are tired of bullies like you and we plan to take care of the problem in front of a Federal Judge. Can you identify one benefit of voting yes besides lining your own pocket?


Sounds like good use of the land and like the owner has done his/her research. RVers are great people who enjoy visiting places and are respectful of the places they visit.

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