If you live in Round Valley, St. Johns or the surrounding area, you’re probably a voting member of the White Mountain Communities Special Health Care District. There is a vote to continue the taxation of district members to help pay for expensive rural healthcare costs. Please study the issue and vote YES to continue supporting healthcare needs in our rural communities.

It has been a long, legal and difficult road for the White Mountain Communities Special Health Care District and there are many people to thank for bringing this issue to a vote. First, is the board administrator, Dana Overson. She has been instrumental in keeping the matter headed to the November ballot. She has demonstrated great perseverance, professionalism and organization in jumping through all the legal hoops to make this vote a reality. Also, board members Jerry Campeau (former CEO of the Round Valley hospital), and Sondra “Sandy” Crabtree (former tax preparer of the Health Care District) have worked hard to ensure this vote comes before the voters.

A huge professional thank you to all of our first responders; from firefighters to emergency response personnel, EMTs and all the first responders who spend countless hours, nights, and weekends taking care of those who can’t take care of themselves. Their specialized training and dedication are extraordinary. Finally, the ambulance crews in St. Johns and Round Valley have assisted most of our families with their professional medical help.

So, please join me in voting YES to continue taxing and supporting the White Mountain Communities Health Care District as it continues to serve the members of our communities.

Michael B. Whiting,

St. Johns

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Yes, folks, whatever healthcare services you have in RV, do support them. Otherwise, you may face the same fate as the rest of us and have your doctors and facilities swallowed up by the big green S.


Does anyone else wonder why the support for the St. Johns M&O over ride is not mentioned?

Maybe the county attorney thinks the school has had it ling enough?

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