One of the most important responsibilities Navajo County has to its residents is to keep our families safe. If our neighbors, young people and seniors are not safe on the street, safe going to the grocery store, and safe taking our kids to school, then we have failed to meet our most basic responsibility as a community. 

We can’t afford to fail like that. That’s why I am voting YES on Proposition 421.

Proposition 421 will add 1/3rd of a cent to each dollar of non-grocery items purchased in Navajo County. That’s one cent every time you spend $3, or 33 cents each time you spend $100.

One hundred percent of the revenue will be dedicated to funding current public safety and jail operations in the county. 

What will that mean for our families?

YES on 421 will prevent layoffs of as many as 8 patrol deputies. It will also prevent a spike in 911 emergency response times.

YES on 421 will prevent the County Attorney’s Office from eliminating needed services like the Veteran’s Court, the Drug Court and mental health services – all of which have worked to keep our families safe and to give those needing these services the help they need to become positive, contributing members of our community.

As the Supervisor for District V, I know how much public safety means to our district. To support these services, I will be voting YES on Prop 421, and hope that you will consider a yes vote to help keep our community SAFE.

Dawnafe Whitesinger,

Supervisor District IV, Navajo County

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First off, vote NO....again. I find this whole exercise maddening, for a variety of reasons.

How about you simply respect the will of the people since this scheme was already rejected via our established process. Oh, wait...govt rarely if ever respects the will of the people. When govt schemes and desires are 'thwarted' by the voters, govt simply marshals its apparatchiks, sycophants, hogs-at-the-trough and gov-loving groups and orgs and comes back at it no matter how many times it is necessary, until the desired result is achieved.



Libertyorbust; are you having keyboard problems?

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