Last week we received a notification for a Special Election in the mail concerning a request to continue a M&O (Maintenance and Operations) Fund Budget override. Being new to the community and retired, this was read this with great interest and we learned the override is a continuation from 5 years ago at the rate of 15%.

Now starts the quest to find out what budget areas these overrides are generating from, and why this would still be unresolved to this degree after 5 years. As the research started, first order of business was to find out first how this school district ranked state wide and in comparison to like-sized rural districts. It was appalling to find this district appears to spend/budget almost twice the per student amount of the state average. In my personal opinion the state ranking of this school district is dismal for the money to say the least; the district ranked 232 of 446 and the elementary school (PK, KG-6) ranked 732 of 1,121.

For a district spending so much money and with a declining student population, how is it that the rankings continue to decline? Apparently this is not a new situation so why hasn't the budget been brought under better control with a minimum of 5 year historical data? Have the administrators and/or school board become too comfortable in their positions? Or is there a deeper situation that has yet to be addressed?

We're new to this community but also being retired, our opinion is do we need to continue putting good money after bad? This is a commitment not only of the community for "appropriate" funding, but a commitment from the Blue Ridge Unified School District #32 for much improved performance. This budget should be brought forth for further discussion and hard answers. If this was a personal household, a salary advance may be granted upon request, but those are not generally on a continued basis - that would be considered a raise. A household would need to re-budget to find ways to stay within their means. It has been long said: The more you make, the more you spend.

For this household of registered voters, the vote will be NO on continuing this override at this time.

Andrea Stoffel


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so take the money away that will solve the problem. I'm glad someone help your kids now that you our retired. well we will remember when it comes time to vote for S.S. or medicare.


Well Andrea for somebody new to the community its pretty gutsy. We tend to support our schools and hard working teachers here. Do you realize the demographics of blue ridge? Did you bother checking how this school (elementary school) performed last year on testing? I'll have you know it was pretty dang good. I for one will vote YES and support the teachers (who are the worst paid in the nation) and the kids. It doesn't even change anything price wise it's just a continuation. Time its pretty insensitive to vote no and cause an already underpaid teacher to lose his or her job.


Welcome to the community! Thanks for not have blinders on. My kids go to BR and we will also be voting NO! Corrupt Board and District office. Has been for years. This has nothing to do with supporting teachers or not. Good Ol' Boy politics at it's finest.

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