I watch the different news stations to get the full picture of what is going on even though I recognize tremendous bias in many of the stations.

As of late I have been laid up because of a hip replacement so I've been watching the news for hours on end and yes I do need a life right now. Sadly the bias just seems to grow. If you watch FOX, OAN or Newsmax then turn to CNN or MsNBC there seems to be absolutely nothing common to these different stations, what ever happened to news?

Christine Amanpour's comment on CNN liking President Trump to the Nazi's was beyond ridiculous and her so called apology wasn't and apology at all. If you watch FOX, OAN and Newsmax you would have noticed that they covered many of Biden's rallies live as well as President Trump's, but if you switched to CNN or MSNBC and even some of the network channels you didn't see Trump rallies.

As Republicans and Democrats we all tend to believe differently and lean toward the news we want to believe.

What is particularly disturbing right now is that all the stations talk about how there have been problems in the election with miscounted ballots and pockets of fraud but are they enough to change the election. Pennsylvania, for example, going around their own rules by bypassing the legislature. Several states not allowing observers close enough to validate, and there are several other examples. The big question here is this what we should expect. If we are now willing to accept some fraud then how much will we be willing to expect in the future?

I pray we do not go down the road of more and more complacency. I said this before and I'll repeat it now, my grandmother always use to say "rights right and right wrongs nobody." Has this election been right?

Lee Hendrickson,

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Like Lee Hendrickson, I despair of ever hearing unbiased news coverage again. Apparently, opinion is what sells and that's fine if it is clearly labeled as such. But it's not labeled and it's not news.


I worry more about Trump's minions embracing Trump's anti-United States democracy fraudulent lies, Over 20,000 of them in 4 years. Never has this saying been more true; "If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with Bull Sheet."


Just to clear the air here, an opinion is merely an expression of a preference for one thing or another. It may well be supported by sound reasons but it is not fact. Facts, on the other hand, are the result of examination and experimentation which produces evidence. When sufficient evidence is accumulated, the resultant fact is established as the provisional truth (always allowing for a change in future new information). For example, evidence establishes that the pressure of a given quantity of gas varies inversely with its volume at constant temperature (Boyle's law). It is designated as a "law", not because it is absolute but because millions of experiments have verified it to be true thus far.

The ability to base conclusions of fact on this protocol is called critical thinking and, unfortunately, is beyond the reach of millions because of a basic failure of our education system and, of course, abuse by adults during their childhoods by indoctrination in fiction as truth. It is not a fact that the Trump administration are Nazis or greatly similar to them. It is correct to characterize them a Fascists, because any object comparison of their activities to those which have dominated the world's fascists reveals a 90-95% match, which is sufficient to establish the truth of the matter.

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