All wars are ultimately fought over resources. When we asked Japan why they attacked us, they said it was because we had oil, minerals and farmland that they needed. Germany invaded Poland in order to have a reliable bread basket. I remember as a child during the Vietnam War asking my petroleum engineer uncle why he kept traveling to Southeast Asia. He said because we want their oil. Need I say more?

In small towns and state legislatures all over the US, the seeds of the future potable water wars are being planted. Our state elected officials are waving a handful of jobs and tax revenue in front of us like so many pieces of silver in exchange for allowing fracking and acid stimulation mining for helium and oil and gas through our precious Coconino Aquifer. Will our grandchildren curse us for our short-sighted greed on the battlefields of the future?

Dorothy Holasek


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What grandchildren?


When I was growing up my wise Grandmother predicted that future wars would be fought over water. That fear is even more pronounced now than it was then.

Debra Gibson

Even if you don't have children or grandchildren, which we don't, pumping toxic chemicals in or near the Coconino Aquifer is not a good idea. Eighty percent of Arizonans are downstream from the Coconino.

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