First it was Sylvia "The earth is only 10,000 years old" Allen. Now it's Wendy "I condemn the radical Antifa mobs for attacking the Capitol" Rogers.

Will somebody please tell me what poor ol' Navajo County has done to deserve these "couple of tacos short of a full combination plate" individuals representing us at the state legislature?

Bill Johnson,

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Simple answer is the local audience loves the show, and loves the actors even more.


Psssst... it's the water.


Worse, it's Wendy "I'm a charter member of the Oath Keepers" Rogers, the anti-government "militia" wannabees who have now been indicted on charges that included conspiracy to corruptly obstruct, influence, or impede an official proceeding, destruction of property and restricted buildings or grounds charges. Nice company you keep, Wendy!


Quite a lineup of whackadoodles for CPAC. Republican voters are getting what they deserve, a giant helping of crazy. Will be curious to see if the party survives.

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