Both Navajo and Apache County Health Departments have missed the boat re COVID-19.

They should have had intensive education for citizens about infectious diseases and how to effectively deal with different kinds of transmission. In addition, since in the beginning, CDC felt that COVID-19 was an air bourne transmittable disease and we needed to know how each citizen could effectively protect their family against it. Hard facts about disease transmission. Then each citizen could decide, with sound facts in hand, whether or not to get vaccinated. And which vaccination would be best for them. They would be able to make responsible decisions.

We would not be in the predicament we are in now where everybody has received conflicting and confusing information about the COVID-19 disease. As it is now, we are all at a loss to make a sound decision about getting vaccinated and how to best protect ourselves and families when out in the community. They are afraid. People just don't know what is the correct thing to do. County health departments have not led their citizens in the right directions.

Penny Pickette Chipman, RN, CCRN,



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I could not agree with you more. Instead, we had a Great Leader Trump that said it was a Hoax, refused to wear a mask and ridiculed those that did. Trump is responsible for this mess. Trump told Bob Woodward in Feb. 2020 that it traveled through the air, so when was he going to tell us?


Oh get over it liberty minded. Is Trump also responsible for this same disease being in the whole world? NOBODY was stopping this thing and until you stop playing the blame game we'll never get past it.


When we look at a comparison of other countries and their efforts to protect their citizens through scientific and logical approaches to the virus, we see India, Brazil and the USA at the bottom. USA leads the world in infections and deaths, however we are discovering India may have had severe under reporting. It's not over and we can all do our part to pass on wisdom and truth.


No Jordan, Trump was supposed to take care of us but he did not. I won't get over that, ever.

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