Let’s keep this simple. This may come as a surprise to some of you, and I can’t blame you. Conflicting information is everywhere, and it’s easier than ever to become genuinely confused.

I do NOT wear a mask for self-protection. I wear it to protect YOU from ME. I have no symptoms, but, since I haven’t been tested, I don’t know if I’ve been exposed or not. So how about we protect each other, OK? Sadly, there are those who defiantly won’t wear a mask for other reasons.

If you REFUSE to wear a mask, you are NOT being ‘brave’ or ‘tough’ or anything like that. You are endangering the lives of everyone you come close to, including your family. You know, your wife with diabetes, or your sister with MS, or your father with COPD.

You certainly have the ‘right’ to endanger yourself. Go hug every person not wearing a mask you can find. Let them cough and sneeze on you. You know the whole thing is just a hoax, that people all over the world are pretending to die because … why, exactly?

However, you do not have the right to engage in ‘reckless endangerment,’ which is what you are doing when you decide that you know better than people who have been working in the field of epidemiology their entire careers. When your desperate need to prove what a tough guy/gal you are causes others to die, you are a criminal. In fact, if you understand the purpose of the masks people are wearing in public places, and you refuse to do so, you are a murderer. It’s that simple.

John Stuckey,


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no thanks i would rather not poison myself with my own carbon dioxide. I didnt wear a mask last time the flu went around either.


Hey Russ, you have made it perfectly clear over the years that you care nothing about anyone but yourself. This statement confirms that yet again.

Wearing a mask protects others from what you unknowingly may have, similar to typhoid Mary, I guess we can call you the COVID-19 Russ?

This is all a hoax anyway right? So go out and have every person you see cough on you.


In lieu of a face mask you may wear an ar15 strapped to your body. It will scare the virus away from your.


Thank you, John. There's no political underpinnings here, just biology and common courtesy. Face masks decrease viral particles you leave behind in the air. If everyone chose to wear one, public spaces would have less risk. I respect that others have individual rights but I personally abide by the notion that things are just better when we treat each other with humility.


Humility and understanding, especially understanding what it's gonna take to 'recover,' whatever that's gonna mean.

commador perry

All masks should have CHINA WINS printed on them.




This 'Thumbs Up"is misplaced. It was meant for Russ at WML.


Reckless Endangerment? I would classify it more as Knowing or Intentional Endangerment, a more serious offense.


Well, I was thinking of 'negligent homicide,' after I submitted.


Those that sacrifice Liberty for safety, deserve neither Liberty or Safety.

To get over this pandemic, we need to have 60-70% of the population to develop immunity. Probably by contact. wear a mask if vulnerable or if around vulnerable people.

vulnerable people should stay home. And be safe. But society should not impose that suffocating restriction on the healthy population.

Be Free. And make the best decisions for yourself first, and others second. We need the economy rolling again.

I would rather suffer a medical pandemic, than an economic one.




Well, without a NATIONAL approach, we're gonna have both. Until we follow best medical advice, the economy won't have a chance of recovery.


Let's get one thing straight: "Freedom" does not mean you have the right to endanger the lives of others through your own irresponsibility and ignorance. And, insisting on your rights without acknowledging your responsibilities isn't "freedom," it's adolescence.


Well said!


Your freedom ends where my nose begins, literally. But just because you have a nose, you cannot stop all my freedom. Just put a mask on it.


Congrats democrats. You have successfully ruined the country over a flu bug. With a .004% chance of catching the virus and of that, .05% die from it. You fraidy cats go ahead and wear your mask while we continue on as normal. Stay at home, walk around with your mask on, nobody cares. Excuse us while we go to work and are not participating in your panic.


No shoes no shirt no service. What's so bad about a mask? No one complains when you can't go in without shoes or shirts. Use common sense, God gave us a brain.


Russ: CV-19 is not just another flu bug. Far from it. In fact, the Johns Hopkins University Medical Center reports that CV-19 is caused by one virus, the novel 2019 coronavirus, now called severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2, or SARS-CoV-2, while flu is caused by several different strains of flu virus which are not the same thing. Second, your math is in error by a factor of 100 in one case and about 2.5 in another: You said, “With a .004% chance of catching the virus and of that, .05% die from it.” The actual chances of catching CV-19 are equal to (in round numbers) 1,500,000/330,000,000 X 100=4.5%, not .004%. Furthermore, a new study by the University of Washington published May 7 in the journal Health Affairs shows that he national rate of death among people infected with the novel coronavirus—SARS-CoV-2—that causes COVID-19, and who show symptoms, is 1.3% (not the .05% you posted). The comparable rate of death for the seasonal flu is 0.1%. That is to say that the death rate for CV-19 is at least 13 times more lethal than the flu.

You must also bear in mind that these data, as of today, are only the minimum numbers, because we are so far behind in testing that a great many cases have gone uncounted. Moreover, we have also undercounted the number of deaths by that part of the population who died prior to our knowledge of the illness and whose deaths were therefore attributed to other causes. I also remind you that without distancing and masks, the infection rate would be at least 35 times our present rate. Not only is that the judgement of our own experts but it is verifiable by reference to those parts of the world where no such precautions were implemented in a timely enough fashion.

To date, King County, Washington has the highest death rate at 3.6% (36 times that of flu). However, the novel coronavirus is more infectious than the influenza virus, so, a conservative estimate of 20% of the U.S. population becoming infected by the end of the year—with the current trends in social distancing and health care supply continuing, while accounting for those infected who will recover asymptomatically—could result in the number of deaths climbing to between 350,000 and 1.2 million. It seems, however, that there are a great many corona-fools who decline any of the present precautions and may drive these data even further in the wrong direction.


ronzim: Nice try, and your calculations and comments are spot-on, but remember: Never try to teach a pig to sing; it frustrates you, and annoys the pig.


phxnative54: Thanks for the chuckle.


So all of you sheeple have the idea that if I'm not sick, have tested negative for Covid-19, that me not wearing a mask somehow endangers the public? Sorry but that kind of logic does not fit into my brain. Again if you are feeling sick you should stay home! If you want to live your life in fear, stay home and wear a mask! I will not let fear and pseudoscience run my life.


johndoe: I suggest that this is really no time for false bravado and expressions of needful machismo. To begin with, you have no idea of whether or not you are sick unless you were tested just a few minutes prior to leaving your house. You can contract CV-19 at any time and in addition to the incubation period you may be asymptomatic. Moreover, regardless of who you are, the very act of not wearing a mask causes others to assume that such behavior is now O.K. Essentially, those who decline to wear masks create a growing population of vectors who must, inevitably, lead to an increase in infections. The science is that wearing the mask is one of the most important factors in defeating this pandemic. Not doing so is selfish and irresponsible. It has nothing to do with fear. It is good science.


No Ron, good science is that we can not hide from this virus, but need to build up a heard immunity to it. Hiding behind a mask is not going to help that. Also, it has not been proven that anyone who is asymptomatic can actually spread the virus. You are again just cherry picking certain "reports" or opinions that have not been verified. For every doctor or scientist that says we should all wear masks, I can quote more that say it either has little to no effect or can be more harmful than not wearing one. It is not selfish to take the advice of my personal physician who said I shouldn't wear one, It is following medical advice based on facts and not opinion. So again, wear your mask if you wish, I am going to take my doctor's advice and not.

Debra Gibson

If protective equipment like masks and gloves are ineffective then I wonder why the CDC wear them when working with lethal viruses. In fact, in NY, the group who were least infected were the healthcare workers who wore protective gear and they were dealing with the virus on a very intimate basis daily.


Not surprisingly, johndoe confuses stupidity for courage and paranoia for resolve. Unhappily, the virus which causes CV-19 takes no notice of any such machinations on the part of the willfully ignorant or the obtusely wackadoodle. The virus is insentient and moves anywhere there are malignant mentalities who make of themselves, and influence others to become, vectors. That is not to say that ideology is irrelevant in this pandemic. Quite the opposite is true. The undereducated and fanatical insouciant create the very environment which is most conducive to the spreading tempest all around us. Neither is political persuasion exempt from contributions.

First, let us deal with the wit-liberated notion that virtually any temporary relinquishment of civil liberties, in the face of emergent threats to public safety, constitutes a plot to install anarchist or authoritarian government control over the polity. Nothing could be further from the truth. From antiquity, we humans have forsaken the unlimited freedoms of the wilderness, and increasingly formed larger and larger communities for the purpose of security (as well as the enrichments of civilization and commerce arising from a surplus of labor). In doing so we have, by necessity, agreed or implied agreement to the surrender of some civil liberties in exchange for that security, as well as obeying the laws of the society we live in and rising to its defense, even unto death, come to that. We have established laws and rules which appertain specifically to pandemics which are examples of such trade-offs.

Second, we should examine the ideologies which have shown to be the friendliest to pandemic expansion. There is no small irony in the juxtaposition of Trump’s germaphobia with his personal trivialization of the disease which has now killed 100,000 in America. His actions and comments have led to the disproportionate infection of those very supporters upon whom he relies for political power. By emulating their leader’s nonchalance, the extreme right-wing cabal increases the spread among themselves. A Quinnipiac poll on March 31st revealed that only 35% of Republicans felt that CV-19 was serious; however, public belief in the lethality of the disease is essential to its defeat. A study by Columbia university has documented that Trump’s delays, equanimity and falsehoods are responsible for 36,000 of the 100K deaths. Into the bargain, he has shifted the burden of death to his own followers.

In addition, Trump’s most reliable electoral base are innately susceptible to Cv-19. A Massachusetts General Hospital report showed that “poor public health was significantly associated with the additional republican presidential votes cast in 2016 over 2012.” What is more, an examination of the red states reveals a group which are, in general, less educated, poorer, unhealthier (particularly obesity, diabetes, hospital days, morbidity rates, etc.) than the blue states.

Finally, we come to the nub of the issue – science. Trump and his ilk are science-illiterates and therefore consistently deny those truths which are evidence-based and derive from objective scientific research. This is especially so when truth conflicts, either in reality or the imagination of Trump and his supporters, with their ideology or political fortunes. Science, however, cannot be denied. It is just a matter of how great the price is exacted for each denial.

Refusing to wear a mask in public places is the same as driving drunk. It manifests the same callous and criminal disregard for everyone in the community and should be dealt with accordingly.


So Ron by your logic a person driving home from the store with a 12 pack of beer and a 5th of Vodka in their trunk should be arrested because the have the potential of driving drunk? I also never said I am being "brave" not waring a mask but that I am following the medical advice of my doctor not to wear one...or did you just miss that part of my post?


Leave it to Republicans to turn wearing a mask for personal health and safety - your own and others' - into a culture war.


New estimates of the number of asymptomatic people with the coronavirus suggest that "silent" COVID-19 is much more prevalent than once thought, according to two studies published Wednesday.

The first study, published in JAMA Network Open, found that 42 percent of cases from a group of people in Wuhan, China, were asymptomatic. The second study, published in Thorax, found much higher rates of asymptomatic individuals: 81 percent of cases on a cruise to Antarctica.

"Many people still haven't grasped the notion that asymptomatic people can be so common, and they wonder why it is they have to wear the mask when they're feeling well, or why they have to keep doing this social distancing stuff," Dr. William Schaffner, an infectious disease expert at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, said.

"Simply exhaling can send out viral particles," said Schaffner, who wasn't involved with either study.

That's why the CDC encourages everyone to wear face coverings or masks in public to help prevent the spread of the virus. The agency's estimate of the prevalence of asymptomatic cases, based on mathematical modeling, is lower, at 35 percent.


As we see, johndoe hoists himself upon his own petard, with each comment further deepening his entrenchment in the class of deluded people I wrote about in my letter “There is Another Pandemic”. He continues his historical denial of science and mathematics with total disdain for the facts on the ground (wearing masks and social distancing works). Note his distortion of my comment that failure to wear a mask is akin to drunk driving. He subverts the obvious meaning of that post into a different proposition of merely “potential” harm by someone who is not drunk at all. The science is that every person in public is assumed to be sick and must wear a mask because of the high incidence (thank you phxnative) of asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic infections.

As I write, there is a resurgence of cases throughout the south because of premature re-openings in that region and wanton disregard for routine precautions (California too). Note also his continued use of comments which cannot be fact checked, for instance, his claim that his doctor has told him he need not wear a mask. We are provided with no data as to that doctor’s credentials. In my opinion, any doctor who makes such a statement should be reported to the AMA for possible investigation and censure because it is akin to saying that a patient with EBOLA should not be isolated. Moreover, such advice, if true, flies in the face of the conclusions and recommendations of virtually the entire global body of virologists, infectious disease experts, contagion researchers, and epidemiologists, of which this mysterious doctor has been shown to be a member of.

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