In WMIs Tuesday, 9/22/20 opinion section, I read an opinion written by Timothy Wooley titled, "Are we nearing civil war?." As I read this article, my emotions ran from utter disbelief to hysterical laughter to amazement. It is absolutely obvious that someone's thoughts are so far left as to be irresponsible.

First, Mr. Wooley assumes that President Trump was trying to incite violence merely by asking if we would be safe under a Biden presidency. Timothy then goes on to call this question an invitation to a laundry list of right wing extremists, to initiate post election violence if Trump loses. What a laughable statement to make. The KKK, started post Civil War by southern Democrats, is almost missing in action. I cannot recall the last time KKK had any relevance.

Mr. Wooley states that all of these far right extremist groups are hostile too and afraid of minorities and liberals. Another laugher. He then states that some members of our armed forces and law enforcement are members of extremist groups. How does Timothy know this?? He must have heard it from Reps Nancy Pelosi or Adam Schiff, 2 liberals with questionable allegiance to the truth.

I would also ask Mr. Wooley when and where he heard that military members or law enforcement officers threaten liberals?? C'mon man!!! That's about as ridiculous as anything I've ever heard. He also suggests that military and LEO are members of extremist organizations. That will get an officer fired and a military member discharged quickly.

Now, looking at that past few months, I'd have to say that a civil war has been initiated, only by the liberal left. Antifa and BLM have worked very hard to burn, loot and destroy many liberal cities in this country, for purported civil rights violations against minorities. And the fact the Antifa and BLM are both liberally based, funded, and supported must have slipped Timothy's memory. Donations to BLM go right to the DNC as well.

Then Timothy rambles on about how all of these far right organizations will bomb, murder, burn, loot and destroy all of these facilities and businesses based on absolutely no evidence other than his having an active imagination. By the way, Antifa and BLM have already committed all of these atrocities that Mr. Wooley describes that far right groups will commit. And why has law enforcement stood down during these months long civil violence actions? They were ordered to by their city and state leaders, all liberals. So, Timothy, I understand what you stated in your opinion, and you are well within your rights to do so. Just be prepared for a little rebuttal. Have a great day.

Mike Robbins,


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