Dear Editor:

“I think that all pockets should be bigger.” - Leslie Knope, Parks and Recreation

Since their invention in the 1600’s pockets have helped everyone carry around their things. But since then, pockets, especially women’s pockets, have been shrinking. So why is this happening, and how can it be fixed?

Fashion trends have caused the pocket sizes of most clothes to shrink, for a better look. I guess to look good, your hands will have to be full because your jeans or coat certainly can’t hold your things! The injustice of small pockets for women comes from the fact that the companies want to make more money, so they make small pockets, and it forces women to buy their purses too. Men’s pockets, while still bigger than women’s, have been shrinking too! Unless you want to be wearing horribly ugly cargo pants, you have no room for your things!

So, I propose: a pocket revolution! We need to show popular clothing lines the insufficiencies of their pocket sizes. I propose everyone that everyone post a picture with their tiny pockets, tag the brand or designer, and use the hashtag “#tinypockets” to get their attention. If the movement gains enough traction, real changes could be made!


Quinton Lawler,



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I still have my Captain Kangaroo jacket with the HUGE pockets.

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