Before you align yourself with “No on Prop 428” you have the right to know:

Every citizen of the Timber Mesa Fire and Medical District has a right to be aware of the facts pertaining to this Political Action Committee (PAC). The most troubling aspect of “No on Prop 428” pertains to its origins, with its sponsor and chairperson being a current supervisor of Show Low EMS, a private ambulance company with its headquarters in Benson, Arizona. While every citizen certainly has the right to support or oppose any political measure they see fit, this particular PAC is very disingenuous for several reasons.

First, Show Low EMS is a for-profit company that is in direct competition with Timber Mesa to provide ambulance transport in the area, and believes it has a vested interest in seeing Prop 428 not pass, even though Timber Mesa’s bond initiative has nothing to do with ambulance services.

Secondly, it is unlikely that the owners of Show Low EMS are concerned with the local tax rate when you consider that the company is based in Benson. Additionally, it is difficult to believe that the company is worried about the financial well-being of Timber Mesa’s citizens when they are currently in the process of raising their EMS transport rate to one of the highest in the state. The truth is, as Chief Savage stated in his defense of our firefighters, Show Low EMS wants to return to a loosely regulated monopoly where they can charge whatever they want and where people have no choice in the healthcare they receive.

In addition to these facts, it is equally important to understand why Timber Mesa Fire and Medical District originally pursued, and was awarded, a joint CON to operate in the area. This desire stemmed from a concern that the members of the community, including our own family members, friends, and neighbors, were not receiving quality care from Show Low EMS. All of the following incidents are public record and have been investigated by the appropriate authorities, including AZ Department of Health Services. They include:

  • Numerous instances of showing up to emergency calls without critical and life saving equipment including gurneys/stretchers, cardiac monitors, and medications
  • A Show Low EMS employee buying and selling drugs while on-duty
  • A supervisor that was accused of intimidating employees using a firearm
  • Show Low EMS managers misleading local building officials only to provide dangerous working conditions for their own employees.

 The intent of this letter is not to create a smear campaign, rather it is intended to provide accurate and honest information to voters and to show what “No on Prop 428” really represents: a for-profit company that does not have a track record of your best interests in mind. Furthermore, this is not intended in any way to reflect negatively on the many hard-working and capable past and present employees of Show Low EMS.

Your local firefighters ask you to vote YES on Prop 428 to ensure that you, the taxpayer, continue to receive the best possible services from Timber Mesa Fire and Medical District. It ensures that our community’s needs are being met, that our firefighters continue to be well trained and that our citizens and our firefighters are kept safe with updated equipment, training, facilities, and apparatus.

Ian Schalow

TMFMD Chapter VP and International Assoc. of Fire Fighters Local 4217

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And if they don’t make a profit, they’re out of business. Unlike Timber Mesa who just increases our taxes.


Sorry, but I'm through voting to spend taxpayer dollars on almost anything. The rampant waste in EVERY agency or department that gets free money is repellent. No accountability = waste and misuse. Clean up your acts and then we'll talk.

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