I really think it is time to stop all these children’s games of 'I said-you-said,' and 'you are worse than me,' and all the name-calling should be stopped NOW.

If you don’t like the rhetoric that is coming out of anyone’s mouth in Washington, why keep adding to it by doing the same thing? Hello, is anyone home?

No one is perfect; as we all know very well, children play these games every day, and what happens when the kids get fed up with each other? They run to mama or daddy for their situation to be resolved. Well, who do we run to as a free people?

Our country, the United States of America, and its people are at risk here. Are we going to grow up and accept the real responsibility of saving our country from ruin no matter who is in charge?

I say let’s buck up and be proud of our country and stop trying to see who can say the meanest things that gets us nowhere fast! It only makes the water even muddier!

Can you see us now, and in the future? Are we going to continue to be childlike bullies or are we going to grow up, pull together, and be proud free Americans?

United we stand. Stand up for what is right for the country, or we will fall for anything!

Jim Burden,


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