The incoming administration has made a number of promises to the people, and I am willing to take them at face value. Let’s examine 2 of them, and see their effect on America: Open Borders and Free Health Care for all.

If our borders are to be truly open, it will mean any one and any thing can come in without any examination. Having worked directly on the border for 17 years, here is what to expect. Canada and Mexico will instantly figure out that they can save lots of money by exporting their career criminals to the US. Burglars, child molesters, rapists, murders, why should they house and feed them? Just bus them to the border and tell them not to return. After all, they are not opening their borders — it will be a one way flow towards us. Of course there will be no one to stop terrorists, they too will be "welcome."

And what about material items? With open borders counterfeit goods of every description, unsafe foods, impure and phony medications, noxious and toxic waste will all be inbound. Is that a shipment of explosives, guns, radioactivity? Is that leaky container full of toxic waste? Bring it in and park it anyplace. Got several tons of fentanyl? Welcome, welcome! No one will check to see what is in it!

Now let us turn to Free Health Care for all. For decades, operating rooms in hospitals in Tucson were booked all winter as wealthy Canadians, unwilling to wait for months or years in their socialized medical care system, paid to come to the Southwest to get their elective surgery and recuperate in the warmth. Just like their prison systems, socialized health care systems around the world will just send their seriously ill to the U.S. Canada and Mexico will convert their hospitals to ER’s, and bring those with serious or long term illnesses to our hospitals — an ambulance ride is much cheaper than treating them. You can expect a resurgence of diseases unseen for generations, things like polio, typhus, and who knows what.

None of this deals with the tremendous loss of revenue from Customs Duties (taxes) collected on imported goods. With health care free to all, the money has to come from someplace. And what about the jobs in the manufacturing area? Most Customs Duties are in place to protect U.S. industries. Remove those taxes, and we have only a ‘service’ industry. Fewer taxpayers equals more taxes on those who still have jobs.

We will see who benefits from the new administration, and their policies.

Seth R. Nadel,



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Get a grip.


As usual, Seth, you nailed it. I agree with every word and am sickened by the shoulder-shrug that concerns like this receive in the media. Please keep speaking up.


Free Healthcare?? Nobody gets free healthcare, people either pay for it with premiums or taxes. The only difference is that government run healthcare is non-profit while private healthcare is a for profit business. There is a reason that republican Trump went to get treated in a government run hospital when he was infected with covid-19. Republican Senate Majority leader, Mitch "the Grim Ripper" McConnell also chose to have his heart procedure at a government run hospital. An interesting fact is that both Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton,founders of our country, supported the establishment of a government run hospitals and healthcare through the 1778 Act legislation, "Relief of Sick and Disabled Seamen."


Agree with you Seth. What the stroke of a pen just has done to the country in the last several days. We are going in the wrong direction and they at the top just do not care or have thought this through.


Joe Biden has not promised either of these things; therefore, the entire premise of the letter is invalid. What Biden promised was immigration reform, not open borders, and universal health care paid for by taxes both from the current FICA program and the general fund. There is no evidence that people from other nations exploit our health care system. If they come here because we excel at some specialty (oncology, cardiology, intractable headaches, for example) they pay for their services. No one from Canada incurs excessive wait times for life threatening services.


Seth R. Nadel: Another clueless victim of right-wing propaganda. Nowhere in the Democratic party's platform or in President Biden's policies are "Open Borders" or "Free Healthcare" - those are baseless, scare-tactic boogeyman flags manufactured by Fox "News," OANN and NewsMax for the sole purpose of attracting clicks and eyeballs. And guess what? It worked on poor Mr. Nadel.

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