It bothers me when society can't accept our history and chooses to re-define it. I'm celebrating Columbus Day, not Indigenous Peoples Day. If you want an Indigenous Peoples Day, create one. That's what they did with Kwanzaa.

I'm celebrating history as written, not as others would re-write it. Look what's happened to George Washington's birthday and Abraham Lincoln's birthday. Two presidents who defined our nation and led us through difficult and dangerous times. Now, they've been relegated to President's Day. What does President's Day stand for? Just having been a president, whether good or bad?

It is said that if you deny history, you're doomed to relive it. Let's accept the good and the bad of our history and stop trying to be politically correct. This PC mentality will destroy us. It's already taking us that direction.

Linda Nadel,


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Ok Linda I agree, let's not rewrite history and embrace the truth, not PC ideas. So here's a history lesson for you, Columbus did not discover America, in fact he never set foot in what would become the United States. He was however an idiot who had the idea that the Earth was shaped like a pair and that he could easily navigate from Europe to India in days. Because spices from India were in high demand he was able to convince the Spanish royals to finance his "expedition". So off he went and landed eventually on an island inhabited by the Taino tribe and foolishly thought he had landed in India. Even though the Taino people treated him and his crew with kindness, he returned with more ships and enslaved the people and tried to steal their gold, when it was discovered they had no gold he began to slaughter them in droves. He then began to bounce from one island in the Caribbean to another killing and pillaging along the way. It wasn't until 1828 when Washington Irving (who wrote Sleepy Hollow) wrote the fabricated "biography" about Columbus and that is the "history" that was perpetuated even up to today. Italian immigrants also latched onto this version of his story as he was now an Italian hero and helped to get the Columbus holiday established. So there Linda, feel free to celebrate a holiday glorifying a buffoon who slaughtered people for their non-existent gold and died still believing he had reached India.


-The continents people know today as North, Central and South America -along with the Caribbean archipielago- were known as America: the fourth part of the world unknown to both Europeans and Indigenous (the Indigenous did not know the existence of other continents outside "Turtle Island"). And those continents are still known today as America. So yes- Columbus did discover America (NOT your "America" that you like to call the U.S.).

-The "idiot" Columbus having the idea Earth was shaped like a "pair"[sic] was more correct a description than you could ever realize today, because what he was talking about was NOT the shape of Earth being round versus flat- it was that it was "pear-shaped" rather than round (like a sphere), what is known today as "oblate spheroid". Scientific expeditions in the XVIII century confirmed this idea and hence we know this today.

-Where Columbus surmized he had landed was where the Benheim map of 1491 depicted India- what was known as "India Extra Gangem", in this case drawn farther south of the Ecuator than where it actually is.

-Only one chiefdom in Hispaniola had friendly relations with Columbus during the first encounter; the others attacked him with spears and arrows on his way back home, and 39 of his crew (including the nephew of a friend of his) were killed at the Navidad fort site. When he returned on his second voyage, the principal chieftan in Hispaniola waged war at all the settlements they had established in Isabela, San Tomás and Vega Real looking to kill Columbus and all the settlers.

-..."bounc[ing] from one island in the Caribbean to another killing and pillaging..." Here's a typical glimpse into the encounters Columbus had in these islands, this one in Guadaloupe ('Historia de las Indias', De las Casas, Tomo II, pg 82):

TRANSLATED: "They brought to the Admiral two young men, and by signs they made him understand that they were not from that island but from Boriquén, what we now call the island of Sant Juan. They affirmed with their hands, eyes and bitter gestures that those others on the island were Caribs and that they had been imprisoned and brought there for food as they usually did. They boarded the boats from the Christians who had stayed there and found with them six women who were fleeing from the Caribs looking to escape. The Admiral, not believing them, but for not altering the people of the island gave the women beads, bells, and mirrors and sent them back, which the Caribs then stripped them of the things the Admiral had given them. And in view of the [Christian's] boats, the women turned them around and went to them with two other boys to flee, begging the Christians to take them all in their naos.

-Washington Irving's "fabricated" biography, with the exception of the "flat vs. round" myth does pretty much have a good compilation of the actual "history" of his voyages, and yes- it has been available since 1828.

-That the Italo-American community "latched" onto Columbus is their prerogative and they have a right to uphold what they felt gives them their esteem. Besides, the Italo-American community and their organizations have done much in the 20th century for the community of descendants of the Columbian encounter in the Caribbean, much more than activists ranting today have.

-So agree, Linda: you should feel confident to ignore buffoons that write and complain to you about events in history they have no knowledge of yet try to spite others with that ignorance.

che guevara

Aragua : Que profundo por seguro ! Muy bien escrito .

johndoe : The primary motivating factor behind Colombo's voyage to the Americas was the fact that Constantinople fell to the Turks in 1456 AD , or thereabouts . This seriously interrupted the spice and opium trades of the Vatican via the Venetian mercantile fleets which relied upon unfettered passage through the straits of the Bosporus and Dardanelles connecting the Mediterranean to the Black Sea . Having learned maritime navigational techniques from Moorish mariners by way of understanding the stars , Colombo was able to risk traversing the wide open ocean without the reliance upon land as a stabilizing element in navigation . What's more , the Age of Discovery and the array of mapas mundi ( maps of the world ) helped Europeans to enter the Renaissance and evolve from the fear , ignorance and stagnation of the Dark Ages which enveloped Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire . The shortcut to India and Asia was needed for the spice and opium trade in order to avoid a costly voyage around the entire continent of Africa to deliver these prized goods to Europe and help fill the Vatican's coffers .

In regards as to who " discovered " the Americas , it was the Norse Vikings who first set foot in North America under the command of Erik the Red , with scattered settlements throughout the Canadian Maritime Provinces and down into coastal New England . The Norse however needed to first establish a series of colonies from the British Isles , to Iceland , to Greenland which enabled them to always be within close proximity to land before encountering North America . This is part of what made the voyages of Colombo so spectacular , as he sailed across truly open seas navigating strictly by the stars .

Also , johndoe , what Colombo opened to European civilization was more than just terra incognita , but more importantly , he open the gateway to an idea called Freedom - A New World , never before imagined . Like him or not , there was now a place where people could escape brutal affronts to humanity such as monarchy and the Inquisition , and a rigid social caste system which impoverished the multitudes and condemned them to live lives devoid of hope . We have all reaped the benefits of this , including you and I . You really must do your homework and study all sides of the issue at a much deeper level .

On a more personal note ; my wife is Native American ( Navajo ) and I am white European ( Galician Spanish & Italian ) and we have discussed this question of Colombo and European settlement of the Americas ad infinitum throughout the decades of our marriage . Our son is therefore a Mestizo , a mixed race , and a by - proxy result of this epic of discovery which changed the world in a multitude of ways . Get over it johndoe , and celebrate the fact that we are even a part of it at all .

One final thought to ponder : In 1513 AD , a Turkish cartographer produced a map which illustrated in great detail and accuracy the entirety of the South American continent , including the Andes Mountain range , and the Pacific coastline . This map is known as the Piri Re'is Map , as it was drawn for the Turkish Admiral of that name . What makes this map so fascinating is that it was the first truly accurate attempt of projecting a globe onto a flat surface complete with an equidistant azimuthal . Furthermore , the Pacific coast line of South America and the interior of the continent did not become known in any rudimentary form until the explorations and subsequent conquest of the Incan Empire by Pizzaro beginning in 1530 AD , yet 17 years prior this map was produced in Turkey . Adding to the mystery is the fact that the continent of Antarctica is also cartographed on this map ....... without it's icecap ! Antarctica was not discovered until around the mid 1820's AD . So then , who discovered what , and when ? In esoteric circles , which I myself am inclined to agree with , it is believed that the totality of our geosophical knowledge was left to us by the survivors of the extinct civilization of Atlantis from the antediluvial period of Earth's history . Moreover , it is widely believed that the absence of Antarctica's icecap after it slipped off or perhaps melted , was the catalyst behind the Deluge or The Great Flood . The questions abound .


Sorry Araguá my voice to text spelled it "pair" instead of "pear" but you are wrong in your assumption. It was already well known at that time the Earth was not flat and there are maps and navigation charts found from Columbus where he thought the top of the earth was smaller than the bottom. He also did not "discover" America because one: There were people already in the Americas so...two: long before Columbus arrived Eric the Red was here. It is recorded historical fact that He was instrumental in the killing of thousands of people who had "discovered" the Americas by actually living there first. I am not ignorant simply because I choose to look at all of the facts and not just the glorified story told later by an author who had no first hand accounts of what happened. The fact that this is America (Named after Amerigo Vespucci) I have the freedom to not celebrate a person I know to be a murderous buffoon.


I am not the only one who believes the true nature of Columbus. There have been dozens of books and articles written that cove the actual truth of the man and dispel the myths. Here is a good video explaining what I am talking about.


Thank you, Linda, your letter spoke for many of us.

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