On a list of importance, which would you put higher: protecting our life-sustaining water supply, or making a profit on the extraction of natural resources from the earth? Or how about protecting our Coconino aquifer, or making sure people all over the world have a supply of helium for their next MRI?

Which is higher on the list, putting policies in place that increase the chances our future generations will have good clean water to drink, or gambling with our water in an effort to make the share holders of corporations happy? (Providing the gamble goes well.) All of these things to some degree are important, but which ones are more important?

How about a few more? Which is more important, helping the earth, or following the party line? increasing health, or increasing jobs? Perfecting the fossil fuel burning automobile, or perfecting the electric automobile? Being on the right side of history, or sticking with our beliefs?

This list of importance is not a joke. How each of us respond to it will affect the welfare of our earth, and to look at it in any other way is . . .

Wayne Pearce,

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Debra Gibson

I vote for protecting our water! To learn more go to www.powaz.org . Protect Our Water Arizona because those in power right now are selling us out.

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