My thoughts on the wild horses! Why would anyone think euthanizing these beautiful animals is the answer? Aren’t there any “real cowboys” anymore that would break these horses?

Then these horses could be offered to people for a small donation or free!!!

Please do not kill them! What is taking so long in finding the person or people who are shooting these horses?

It is very disturbing, to me and many others, to know that we are living in this small community where there are people maybe our neighbors, who could shoot and kill any animal.

Ellie Anthony,


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I sure hope you're talking about illegally killing animals, yes, that is wrong in every way. However, people hunt, especially on this mountain and it's part of our lives so yes hunters shoot and kill animals and if it's legal there is nothing wrong with it.


In an ideal world, Ellie would be right. However..... What do you do with thousands of unwanted horses that have no natural predator? Many countries value horses as a source of food. In terms of health benefits, horse meat is leaner that beef and probably better for you. "Real Cowboys" do just that, they are busy with ranching and breaking their own stock for work purposes. With over 48,000 horses in "horse hotels" across the U.S., we are facing a huge crisis in regards to food, shelter and water for these animals. Currently, we the taxpayers are on the hook for over $80,000,000.00 each year to support the Wild Horse and Burro program. The "healthy wild horse" no longer exists in the Heber area or in the Salt River area. These animals are habituated to humans and rely on humans for food and water. The very essence of wildness has been lost over all the years as their interactions with humans have caused them to fear nothing. Sadly, horse advocates fail to see the need for culling herds..... Biologically and environmentally, the path that we have been on is no longer sustainable.


Hunters, by way of conservation, have done more for wildlife than any animal rights vegan ever will. Hunters put food on their table every year all the while contributing to the management of just about any edible creature in our state. Hence why animals are killed.

Horses, however are not managed by state game & fish with their biologists. The horse advocates plan is to just allow them to run amok without any plan to manage herd numbers. This is unacceptable. Widespread and overabundant feral horses and burros wreak havoc on the rangeland ecosystem by overgrazing native plants, damage to soils, exacerbating invasive establishment and out-competing other ungulates. As a result, water resources are impacted and important and iconic wildlife species are threatened.

Understandably, there are some that have taken upon themselves to reduce the horse population.

che guevara

Russ is quite correct with his comments . I might also add that cattle are every bit as destructive , if not more destructive and invasive than are feral horses , and should also be removed from all public lands . This will eventually be the case . Much of the Navajo Nation lands for example have been subject to increasing desertification as the direct result of excessive and destructive livestock over - overgrazing for generations , and Arizona in general has also suffered from this unmitigated assault . against the environment . The persistent drought conditions we are currently experiencing will undoubtedly factor in heavy with the eventual curtailing of this heinous and outdated practice .

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