So who in the Navajo County Sheriff's Department or judicial system was responsible for Solomon Dominguez not being incarcerated after his episode at the country store off Concho highway in Snowflake on July 19.

The results of him not being held are the this morning he paid a visit to the Walmart in Taylor. And we can see from the news what happened there.

I know hindsight is better than foresight but I can't believe this man wasn't held and take him to court.

Dick Bretz

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Well that is a great question. You may want to start with the "good ole boyz" at the Snowflake Justice Court. I have reason to believe that he was taken there after the Concho store incident. Hmm maybe something the Court did, here is your court date for that incident so stay at home til the date arrives. Well that did not happen.

che guevara

The buck stops with the judge - he is who is responsible . Problem is that judges enjoy immunity and are unaccountable for their decisions , regardless of how these decisions may impact the public . This judge's name should have already been made public information , however I'm sure that enough people who were involved with this case have clandestinely spread the word . Moreover , if you wish to find out for yourself you can access this information in about 60 days via the Arizona Public Access Case Look Up web site .


I think the thing to focus on in this story is the fact that no one was hurt and the police did a fantastic job making sure that was the outcome. Even the perpetrator did not sustain any major injuries. Rest assured he will not be out on the streets any time soon now, I heard he is being held on a 2 million dollar bond.

Horse Rider

The real hero at the Taylor Walmart was the employee who recognized and took advantage of the probably brief window of opportunity to grab Dominguez's gun and get everyone else safely out of the store. We can't know how many lives he saved besides Dominguez's. Police deserve credit for their skill in taking Dominguez into custody without seriously injuring him.


All I want to know is what is the name of the judge that released him, and is he an elected official? If not, who appointed him?

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