The voters of Arizona need to pay attention to who is running for office and why, this stupid recount of Maricopa County votes was a waste of money-because the county has to replace all its voting equipment to the tune of millions of dollars — and when the third recount did not change a thing — the elections in Arizona were very good and no problems were found.

Now we need to change the state constitution to stop people from jumping around from the house for eight years to the senate for eight yrs. Or the senate to the house. We don’t need anymore career politicians, they get in the Legislature for 16 yrs. That way and they put party and themselves before the needs of the people. Like taking dark money and following one person to create a dictator type system. The changes to the voting system in Arizona was a fraud to the people of Arizona, and those that did should not be allowed back in to the legislature or any office again.

Robert Struck

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I Always Vote

Robert, thank you for pointing out several of the serious problems for voters in Arizona. You and I cannot fix everything, but if we Arizonans want fair elections and responsible legislators, WE have to make the effort to distinguish between truth and political baloney, and to cast our votes carefully, in favor of men and women who share values which uphold common sense. and democracy for all.

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