If I’m a Small Business Owner, I can not protect my business from rioters!

I must allow them to loot and burn my business without any recourse.

If I intervene, I will be arrested and face jail time and attorney costs that will bankrupt me. If I call the police, they won’t intervene for fear of police misconduct.

As they say, when people of good will do nothing, evil flourishes.

Ray Jussila,

Show Low


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So where are all these supposed, but non-existent, rioters and looters here in Show Low? I have read Show Low news for years and I’m afraid I missed it. The writer simply asserts that there are such rioters and looters here in Show Low and in such numbers that he is overwhelmed, helpless. He cannot protect his Show Low business from these hordes and must allow them to loot and burn his business. The writer then posits that he cannot defend himself nor his property as is clearly allowed under Arizona law because he would be arrested? Probably not under these facts I’d say and law enforcement would be guilty of misconduct more likely if they did not protect you and your property, again, clearly under Arizona law. As the writer observes when men of good will do nothing, evil flourishes. Well, in my opinion, the evil here are politically motivated fear tactics, or is that OK now?


Ray, where do you get your news? When has SLPD ever said, reasonable people cannot use reasonable force to protect themselves and or their property? Please document the basis for your fanatical rants.

Bob Smith

Kill your TV. Think for yourself. You'll be amazed at how much better you feel.


Ray, there is a difference between a riot and a constitutional Right of peaceful protest. Amost always there is a police presence in both. The question you should ask yourself is: "What is it, that is so egregious that it has caused American citizens to riot or to protest?"

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