I am reaching out for help to get rid of a witch Cult from Landers California 92285 that has followed me here to Arizona.

They are stalking me and harassing me and following me and cyber hacking me and have made death threats to me and my family.

They are mental and enjoy terrorizing me to no end.

I need community support to help me because my life depends on it right now. I don't know how much time I have left before they do away with me!

Sherri Kane,


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Get some of the boys together and get rid of them.


There are many wonderful religions in America that you may turn to for a problem they all are capable of addressing and have done so throughout history. Television has a lot of imagery associated with such beings. Go to the religion of your choice and pray for protection and you will get it.


I'm so sorry.... this sounds terrible. I would contact the police!


Oh, that's just fine Chick 3, magic.

Sherri: Do you have records? You know, names, dates, places, times, nature of events. Were there witnesses? The activities you describe are unlawful. I suggest you report them to the appropriate authorities.


True religions aren't just "magic" any more than the kindness and bedside manner of good doctors and nurses attempting to relieve physical illness aren't just "magic." Human beings have spiritual needs that can't be met by the witchery promoted on television, films and Big Hollywood pop music. Unhappy people are great consumers.


I don't think we are allowed to drowned them or burn them at the stake anymore.


Keep several buckets of water around. Worked great on the wicked witch of the West.

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