As a year around resident I would like to address the Summer Visitors piece that was in June 12th paper.

To start, you didn’t like the description "Summer Visitor."

So, I would like to give you some straight redneck talk; no beating around the bush.

It is like this, yes you own property and you pay taxes here, so yes you have the right to come here.

But, we feel just because you own property here does not entitle you to be rude and some of the behavior that goes on.

There is blatant and rude behavior when you’re here, such as driving in town. The speed is 35 to 45 miles an hour NOT 50 to 60. This is not a freeway and shipping in and out about cars and cutting people off. (Enough)

To put your life at risk is strange to us, property does not entitle you to put our lives and families life's at risk.

Also, owning property here does not give anyone the right to be rude and inconsiderate, disrespectful, yes we live and work here year around. But it is not OK to treat us in this manner. It seems you think we owe you something and should put up with all of this and kiss your butt. (WRONG)

It seems you think we’re ignorant and uneducated. That is not the case.

So, you see we rednecks and others could care less what your financial status is and how many homes you have. Furthermore we don’t care about your BMW or Lexis. We are people just like you. I’ll be rather blunt, maybe that will help. We residents, we eat, drink and go potty just like you. We are people just like you and we have feelings and families we love.

So I’ll be blunt again we’re tired of all this BS (ENOUGH).

Yes, you have a home here and can come here. But you could be kinder. We love our town, we want it safe, clean, no fires means NO FIRES (PERIOD) and leaving your trash in the forest is just WRONG.

Next I’ll address Business owners. Yes they like the business, but they too are tired of the rudeness and disrespect. And yes some businesses have closed, that happens everywhere, not just here and the economic situation now will probably close more of them.

Now I would like to touch on the COVID-19 topic.

Our view is we were told to lock down. To our way of thinking the numbers of cases in Phoenix and Tucson were BIG and just getting BIGGER. So for you to come up here made no sense to us, put the shoe on the other foot. Everything was closed and so for our supplies they were short as well.

There was a statement put out there to please stay where your at. And if you came up here bring your supplies with you. But as always we were disregarded and that didn’t happen. And that was our CONCERN. So we saw to our thinking more people and lots of germs coming up, that was not good. I would think you can now see our concern.

I’ll give you more redneck talk …

We don’t need anyone to blame for anything we have had ENOUGH and we want to be treated FAIR and KIND and be treated with RESPECT just as you do.

And I would like to say we redneck are simple people and we own no one and what we have we’ve worked hard for.

All we want is to be considered as people and see there is no need to be RUDE and look down your nose at us, and then to come in to town and take over. We like our Little Town as it is PERIOD.

Well I truly hope this straight talk will change things for the better for ALL of US. (Don’t give us a reason to dislike you.) Let's try to be friends, not at odds with each other.

God Bless

Tina Joy,


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I stand behind you statement. I do hope the Summer Visitors Flat Landers Desert Dwellers read your letter to the editor. Personally have come across several rude crude Summer visitors whom do not own property here.

It comes down to respect for all whether your drive an old Ford or a new BMW.


Amen to everything in this letter!


I agree with you. There is no reason for being rude and unkind!


I hate summer visitors.


So, there are no rude locals?


Sure there are a few, so why would you want MANY MORE?

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