You have a choice when it comes to ambulance providers

You have a choice when it comes to ambulance providers.

Many people may not be aware that they have a choice when it comes to ambulance providers.

In 2018, Timber Mesa Fire and Medical District was awarded an expanded Certificate of Necessity (CON) to provide ambulances in Show Low, Linden, and the surrounding communities. Since that time, Timber Mesa has been operating an ambulance in downtown Show Low, Linden, and the White Mountain Lake community. Additionally, Timber Mesa has an ambulance staffed throughout the summer months at its Fawnbrook Station in Show Low.

Timber Mesa’s CON expansion added these areas (or ambulances) to its previously existing CON area in the Lakeside community. Before the expansion, those areas had only been serviced by a private ambulance company, Show Low EMS. Now there are two ambulance providers, and as a patient, you have a right to request whichever ambulance service you prefer.

The right of a competent patient to make decisions about their healthcare is rooted in the ethical principle of “autonomy.” It is referred to as the concept of “patient self-determination.” These principles are deeply rooted in the legal system, having their origins in both constitutional and tort law. Timber Mesa Professional Firefighters will always honor the competent patient’s request.

We hope that you or your family never has to use ambulance services, but if you do, here are some things that you may want to consider. Timber Mesa Fire and Medical District is a full-service, professional, public agency. Our firefighters are all cross-trained as either EMTs or Paramedics. We are located strategically throughout the community to offer the fastest response to your emergency. Finally, we are the best trained, best-equipped emergency response providers in our community, and we are committed to the highest standards of pre-hospital emergency care.

Timber Mesa offers ambulance services that are approximately 20% less expensive than the private provider. Both our base rate, and our mileage rate are nearly 20% less. Show Low EMS recently applied for a 41% increase in their ambulance rate. If approved, Timber Mesa’s price will then be almost 60% less expensive. Additionally, for the taxpaying residents of the Fire District, Timber Mesa does not balance bill you! This means that if your insurance company pays a certain amount for ambulance services, Timber Mesa will accept that amount and write off the balance of the bill. In other words, the taxpaying residents of the Timber Mesa Fire and Medical District will not receive a bill for ambulance services from the Fire District if their insurance has already paid.

The Professional Firefighters at Timber Mesa hope that this information is helpful to you in making decisions about your healthcare. You can rest assured that the closest most appropriate ambulance will always be dispatched to your medical emergency, but if you prefer one service over the other, all you need to do is ask.

Committed to You in Community Service.

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