When was the last time you paid 75 cents for a gallon of gas?

Well, a little quick research brought me to the year 1986, when gas averaged 86 cents a gallon — which was the closest I could come to 75 cents — the same amount you pay for a copy of the White Mountain Independent.

In the 33 years since 1986, the cost of most everything, you’ve probably noticed, has gone up, including the costs to create a newspaper.

A newspaper is a product unique to its community. It’s the only place where you find news about local government and community issues as well as hometown people, sports, schools, entertainment and events, along with the information about local businesses contained in advertising and inserts.

The cost for a single-copy issue of the Independent at newsstands will go up to $1.00 on October 1. So now is a great time to subscribe to the Independent to really increase your savings, because subscription rates will remain the same.

Local readers can subscribe for 6 months for just $48, 1 year for $62 or $99 for 2 years. You can save $42 per year over newsstand prices when you subscribe now.

We work hard to make sure every issue of the Independent has value for readers — something you won’t find anywhere else. We feel that makes the newspaper a good investment, even if we can’t keep the 1986 prices.

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This newspaper would be a better value if it put everybody's opinion post up in the online copy. An informed public is always better for our country.


A good unbiased, independent newspaper would put up all posts, unless, they aren't INDEPENDENT.


Comments aren't always posted even if they follow WMI guidelines. Sometimes no comments are posted. You get what you pay for.

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