Mr. Tom O’Halleran, once a Republican now a Democrat, represents LD 1 in the US House of Representatives. Tom is the White Mountain’s sole House Rep. and while he boasts about being bi-partisan he fails to stand up for the beliefs of the White Mountain communities. You might ask, how so? Well for starters he voted to impeach Pres. Trump both times. Is that what you wanted your rep. to do? Let me remind you that Pres. Trump was impeached by the House of Rep. over a Russian Hoax that originated with Obama, Biden, (H) Clinton, and other Democrats to undermine Trump’s presidency. Tom voted to impeach Trump, a second time, over the Jan 6th “insurrection,” in which he voted in lockstep with the Democrats.

I have a question for Tom: Why did you change parties when running for Congress? You claim to have changed parties (Republican to Democrat) over issues such as education, water and child welfare issues back in 2016. I guess he is against school choice and in favor of critical race theory being taught in public schools. I guess he is against homeschooling options and likes seeing children in masks at school. Water was another issue for him, not sure what the Republicans did (or do) with water, that he didn’t agree with. Maybe he can clarify that issue for us. Child welfare issues rounds out his complaints with the Republican party. Maybe he wants Big Government to solve these issues instead of local communities tackling it. Seems like he is in favor or BIG Government “ruling” over all aspects of our lives. He claims to be against Big Corporations and “fights” for the middle class, however he supports Big Tech censorship and supports the closures of small businesses during COVID-19 lockdowns in 2020, while big corporations stayed open.

Tom recently went on a district-wide tour to engage in conversation with his constituents to see what he can take back to D.C. Did he see all of the Trump 2020 signs throughout his district? He claims to be a voice for the rural communities, but he isn’t listening to the voices of the people. If he did, he would know that we, in the White Mountains, did not want Trump impeached, we do not want D.C. statehood (which he voted in favor for), or any type of gun control, or federal government running state elections (he voted FOR HR1). I could go on and on, but all you need to know is that Tom votes 98% of the time with Nancy Pelosi. Let that sink in….

Keep an eye on how Tom votes, not what he says, and decide if he is representing you.

Shalimar Rodgers,

St. Johns


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We are very proud of Our Representative Ohalleran. We absolutely support Ohalleran's votes against that Russian Traitor Trump.


If you were to ask Rep O'Halleran why he changed parties, he will tell you he did not change. It is the parties that changed. He has the same conservative, family values he has held for his entire life. But he saw the GOP turn away from those values and become an extremist cult. He is a proud member of the Blue Dog Democrat caucus and also the Problem Solvers Caucus which a bipartisan group of equal numbers of Dems and GOP. He also represents an area larger than some states. So your little corner of Apache county is a tiny fraction of his area. So maybe he is representing ALL of his constituents? This country was founded on the principal that all men are created equal, maybe it is time for us to live up to that principle where everyone has an equal say instead of one small minority group having total control over the rest of us.


Psssst, Mr. Rogers,Ex-Presiddent Trump was not impeached because of any Russian Hoax as you say.However, all 17 intelligence agencies of our country said the Russians did interefere in our 2016 elections. It was not a hoax and that is not the reason Trump was impeached. additionally,Ex-President Trump publicly said he would accept any information from any foreign government to use against his political opponent. That is against the law. Trump was first impeached in House Resolution 755 for "Abuse of Power" for using the office of president to extort lies from a foreign leader against his american political opponent and the other charge was "Obstruction of Justice," by ordering all the executive branch agencies not to comply with congressional subpoenas in a criminal investigation, thus subverting the system of "Checks and Balances" by underminig the sole Power of Impeachment vested by the constitution in the House of Representatives. Trump's second impeachment HR24 consisted of incitment of insurrection based on Section 3 of the 14th amendment in the constitution which prohibits any person who has engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the United States from holding any office of the United States. Other charges were: engaging in a violent,deadly,destructive and seditious acts, threatening the Georgia Secretary of State, Raffensperger, thereby endangering the security of the United States and it's institutions of government, interfered with the peaceful transfer of power and imperiled a co-equal branch of government. I hope this clears your misunderstanding of political events.


Ms. Rodgers: Trump lost the popular vote - twice. Trump was impeached - twice. Trump lost his reelection bid. He is the first and only president to have "accomplished" all three. Further, he lost the House and Senate for the GOP. The only thing "all of the Trump 2020 signs throughout his district" tells Rep. O'Halleran (and us) is how many supporters of a failed, delusional, lying insurrectionist are still out there.


In his letter Mr. Rogers pushes the hollow, useless conservative (R) code words "BIG GOVERNMENT" without defining what BIG Government is or what size it should be. Unfortunately, he doesn't know the size of government is not as important as whether it is an efficient, honest, compassionate government that has enough governmental power to "Protect,Provide,Promote the General Welfare of ALL Americans"....per the U.S. Constitution. Moreover, the reason that conservatives (R) want a "weakened, small government" is because they are against any government programs,they term socialism, that helps the middle class and the poor. (Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, healthcare, SNAP, public education,etc.), plus a "small weak government" does not have the financial resources and manpower to enforce IRS laws and make corporations and the wealthy pay their fair share of taxes, which in turn causes the government to seek more tax revenues from the middle class and the poor. The following quotation was made by a conservative (R) President who had principles, integrity, and patriotism.... Theodore Roosevelt: "There once was a time in history, when the limitation of governmental power meant increasing liberty for the people. In the present day, the limitation of governmental power, of governmental action, means the enslavement of the people by the great corporations,...who can only be held in check through the extension of governmental power." Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt speaks of a small weak government that is not for "We the People", instead it is a government of "We the Corporations" and by defacto, the wealthy individuals who control and own those huge corporations. A term for that arrangement is a Fascist,Autocratic state.

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