When I ran for the Navajo County Board of Supervisors for District 1, I knew we would face some tough decisions. As someone who grew up in White Cone, I know how much our county, our community and the Navajo people depend on the Navajo Generating Station for jobs and to drive our economy.

With NGS scheduled to shut down, the hit to the county budget could be catastrophic. As many as 750 jobs could be lost from the closure of NGS. When you add in the closures of the Cholla Power Plant and Kayenta Mine, Navajo County stands to lose as much as $2.5 million each in year in revenue.

The county has been doing “more with less” for years. We’ve had layoffs. Spending on capital items has been slashed by 75 percent. Because there’s no more fat left to cut – and because we need Navajo County public safety to keep our families safe – I am urging you to VOTE YES ON PROPOSITION 421.

Your YES vote will make sure that 911 emergency response times don’t increase to an average of more than 20 minutes for certain calls – especially in rural District 1.

Your YES vote will prevent more layoffs to the county workforce – including cutting as many as 8 patrol deputies.

Your YES vote will keep our community safe by making sure detectives and prosecutors can keep the most serious offenders off the street, instead of committing crimes that harm our families.

Your YES vote won’t cost much – two additional pennies on a $6 Happy Meal. But that small sacrifice will be enough to prevent a public safety crisis.

Please, join me in voting YES on Proposition 421.

Lee Jack, Sr.

Supervisor, Navajo County District 1

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Your YES vote won't cost much, really how about your district 1 will the tax be applied to businesses in your district? Please tell us the tax will be on the reservation. Heck if the Reservations had to pay that's right had to pay property taxes to Navajo County the county would more then likely be in better financial position. Also if the county did not have to offer any services to non property tax/sales tax paying regions in the county more then likely the county would be in better shape. Lets talk about that sometime.


i am Voting no plain and simple.


It’s time for a new Sitgreaves county. No more taxation without representation

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