Prior to this week, it was my misunderstanding that we had aborted over 1 million babies in America.

This number is actually over 60 million per recent broadcasts and articles!

This number is more than those lives lost in all the wars our nation has ever fought. (Actually, this may be more than all the wars in recorded history!)

Please correct me if this appears to be incorrect. But 60 million? Wow! This far exceeds the 8 million souls lost during the Holocaust of WW II! It is an abomination for all of mankind! A slaughter of the innocents for indiscriminate physical activity.

And now I know there are those of you reading this that have just torn up the paper and others saying “Right on.”

So how does a nation of 250 years reach this impasse? As in past articles, all I am looking for is open discussion of facts. How can so many children have been slaughtered by the most loving and giving country ever founded?

And just today there was a group wanting to save the alligators! Wow, again! Being raised off and on (between my dad’s military assignments) in south Louisiana, I was under the misunderstanding that the only good alligator was one on the dinner menu or part of your footwear.

Please don’t read this the wrong way. I love the animal kingdom and have no idea why anyone would want to shoot a lion or a tiger or any other wild creature unless they truly planned to put the creature on the menu.

We raise cattle, sheep, rabbits and all sorts of fish and fowl in order to have meat/fish in our diet unless we prefer the vegan/vegetarian lifestyle. But really, alligators?

Having eaten rattlesnake, all forms of crustaceans, fowl and rodents such as squirrel, depending on the sauce, everything pretty much tastes like chicken. Well, not squirrel!

Does any of this diatribe ring bells or just out and out bother you? If so, welcome to my world. If not, please offer your thoughts on the matter at any time.

If I may quote from our Constitution, it states in Amendment XIV, Section 1, that “No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law…”

And, if we need more sources, God gave us just 10 rather simple rules to live by, the fourth which states “Thy shall not kill.”

We formed this nation “under God” and he has stood by us from the formation of a new world, overcoming huge obstacles such as famine and sickness that often wiped out entire colonies and the creation of a way of life that has stood longer than any societies that came before ours. It is my contention that we follow his sanctity of life philosophy and treat the unborn at least as good as we treat our pets.

Please feel free to express your thoughts on this subject to friends, neighbors, family, and even me. My email address: awaits your thoughts!

Carl Dye is a 1964 West Point graduate. After Airborne/Ranger training and two combat tours in Vietnam, he spent 30 years as an insurance executive.

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Agree with this 100%. The US seems to have lost a lot of it's marbles; hopefully they can be found soon.


Wild meat is more healthy, I won't eat meat coming out of a supermarket.

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