White Mountain Apache Tribe Game & Fish


Updated July 26

• A-1 Lake: Good. Try nightcrawlers or charteuse-colored powerbait rigged and fished off the bottom or top. Try lures like panther martin spinners or kastmasters spoons. A-1 Lake is accessible. Boat launching available.

• Big Bear Lake: Fair. Try glitter powerbait in different color off the bottom. Try different lures like spinners and spoons at different depths and retrieval speeds. Boat ramp is accessible.

• Bog Tank: Good. Try nightcrawlers or garlic-scented powerbait in different colors, lures like bright colored spinners and spoons. No boat launching. No camping-Day use only.

• Bootleg Lake: Fair. Try nightcrawlers or topwater lures mid-day for bass. Try stinkbaits or nightcrawlers for channel catfish.

• Christmas Tree Lake: Reservations for Christmas Tree Lake can be made by calling 928-369-7669. Limited to 20 anglers per day.

• Cooley Lake: Good. There are weeds along shoreline. Try glitter powerbait for trout. Try topwater lures and plastic for largemouth bass near the weed beds in the lake. Try stinkbaits for channel catfish. Please help keep Cooley Lake clean. Pack it in-Pack it out.

• Drift Fence Lake: Fair. Try nightcrawlers or pink Powerbait off the bottom for trout. Try lures like spinners and spoons. Try dry flies. Reservation Lake store is closed.

• Earl Park Lake. Good. Try fishing with nightcrawlers or powerbait off the bottom. Try wooly buggers and nymphs. Try retrieving spinners like rooster tails or spoons like z-rays at different speeds and depths at different points around the lake.

• Hawley Lake: Good. Try nightcrawlers, different color powerbait like rainbow for cruising trout. Try spinners like panther martins, spoons like kastmasters, or small crankbaits. Hawley Lake facilities like the store & boat marina are open. Boat launching available.

• Horseshoe Lake: Fair. Try brighter colored powerbait or nightcrawlers off the bottom. Try spinners or spoons around lake. Boat anglers trolling lures and flies. Boat launching available. Horseshoe Lake Store is open-boat rental available.

• Little Bear Lake: Good. Try nightcrawlers, red, white, blue powerbait, or jigs for stocker size rainbow trout. Try panther martin spinners or z-ray spoons in brass color. Little Bear Lake is accessible. Boat launching is available.

• Pacheta Lake. Fair. Pacheta Lake is catch-and-release, artificial lures and flies with single barbless hook. Try wet fly patterns and with lures try small crankbaits and spoons.

• Reservation Lake: Good. Rainbow trout being caught on powerbait and nightcrawlers off the bottom. Try lures like panther martin spinners or Z-ray spoons in gold. Boat anglers finding success with flies. The Reservation Lake Store is closed. Boat launching available.

• Sunrise Lake: Fair. Try nightcrawlers, charteuse powerbait, or salmon eggs for rainbow trout. Try different lures like spinners or spoons. Try earlier or later in the day, the winds pick up during the middle of the day.

• Streams: Good. Drifting nightcrawlers across pools and riffles. Try larger, brighter colored spinners and jigs in slower moving, deeper pools and riffles near structures like logs and boulders.

• Black River: Good. Special-Use Permit Is Required. Try spinners and spoons in slower moving water. Try plastic worms. Try nightcrawlers drifted downstream across stream. Pack it in-Pack it out. Store food out of reach of black bears.

• Salt River: Good. A Special-Use Permit Is Required. Try night crawlers and jigs. Try stink bait or punch bait for channel catfish. It is your responsibility to pack out what you packed in.

• Tonto Lake: (Tribal Members). Fair. Try nightcrawlers, different colors Powerbait like rainbow or pink. Try spinners, kastmasters and z-rays spoons from shore and off boat. Tribal members can pick fishing permits at Game & Fish Offices in Whiteriver and Hondah. Daily bag limits for trout: 15 and older is 5 fish/day; 10-14 years old is 3 fish/day; 9 & younger is 2 fish/day. Lakes and streams have been stocked. A valid White Mountain Apache Tribal Permit is required and must be carried at all times while fishing, boating, camping, and for all other outdoor recreation activities on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation. Permits can be obtained online at wmatoutdoor.org or at an authorized permit vendor. Firework possession and use is prohibited on the Fort Apache Indian Reservation. Visit website: wmatoutdoor.org or call their office at 928-338-4385 for the latest fishing report.

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