SHOW LOW — The Show Low Planning and Zoning Commission unanimously approved a conditional use permit (CUP) submitted by Shane Shumway of T.L.S. Hospitality, LLC to build a four story hotel and restaurant at 1501 East Woolford Road.

The development site is west of the Hampton Inn and is already zoned for C-2 General Commercial. National Bank is to the south and The Meadow is to the west.

The plan indicates that restaurant will serve alcoholic beverages which will require a liquor license application and approval through the city. There is no user selected for the restaurant yet.

Why a conditional use permit?

The reason a conditional use permit (CUP) is required by the city of Show Low is because the proposed building height is described as four stories and 53 feet above the finished floor elevation. Because the desired building will exceed 45 feet in height, a CUP is required in order to be in compliance with city code.

A CUP is also required for any establishment or restaurant that intends to serve alcohol. So, the commission must approve the building height and the liquor license permit.

“If (the building) it was 45-foot, zero, it would not require a conditional use permit because it would meet the requirements,”said Planning and Zoning Commission Director Justen Tregaskes. “If it there was no restaurant serving alcohol, no conditional use permit would be required.”

Tregaskes also confirmed that, with any liquor license, the city council has to make a recommendation to the state liquor board. As the restaurant comes in, they file for a liquor license, that will have to go to the city council through the regular meeting.

More about the project

The plans are described as “conceptual” and subject to change but still must meet the requirements of the approved conditional use permit.

Shane Shumway and the architects state that the project will support the General Plan.

“We plan on providing a high quality development with appealing architectural developments which enhance property values of surrounding areas and provide amenities and services to our neighbors and community [with] no adverse impact,” states the permit application.

The application also points out that similar height allowances have been granted for the Hampton Inn which is 46 feet high and the Navapache Regional Medical Center referred to as “Summit” at 85 feet in height. Lastly, the application mentions La Quinta hotel at 50 feet which has not yet been constructed.

Shumway was present in the meeting to provide background about the company, T.L.S. Hospitality, LLC, and the permit application.

“I’ve been a member Whiting Brothers Investment Company and we’ve been doing business in the White Mountains for five generations including here in Show Low,” said Shumway. “We’ve built and operated several businesses here in Show Low over the years, including my father, Douglas who is here and who built the Holiday Inn Express.”

Shumway’s grandfather built the Hampton Inn of Show Low which Shane Shumway currently operates.

The proposed hotel will be a dual brand hotel which is a Marriott product with the TownPlace Suites brand as well as the Fairfield Brand. The suites is an extended stay brand that caters to individuals that want to stay in town for a longer time. It includes kitchens in each room, etc.

“It also includes 3,000 feet of conference space and a restaurant space that we hope to lease to a third party,” said Shumway. “On the north end of the building where the restaurant will be located, we hope to create some really good indoor/outdoor space with a fire pit and some grass area ... We think individuals will really love to be in that space and it is another opportunity for individuals to come down to the meadow.”

Shumway highlighted some goals from the city’s general plan that he feels the development will further. He cited tourism expansion that increases municipal revenues, public gathering areas with visual excitement, economic development and strengthening Show Low’s identity as a commercial, entertainment, cultural hub of the White Mountains.

“We try to anticipate the type of feedback that sometimes comes with this type of project. Sometimes people don’t like the design, location or type of development,” said Shumway. “We want you to know that we do our best to try to implement the direction that is given by the Planning and Zoning Commission,” said Shumway.

City staff did receive a letter from Show Low resident, Joshua Hall, who said he was “pro-growth” and agrees to the 8 foot height variance but he would like to see a design that is “more complimentary to the mountain theme.”

Shumway said he had spoken to Mr. Hall and assured him that they will continue to work through items of concerns.

“The bottom line for us is we want to meet the city of Show Low code requirements and we want a building we can construct as well,” said Shumway.

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Laura Singleton is a reporter for the White Mountain Independent, covering Show Low city government, business and education.

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Another hotel? How come the city keeps approving crappy stuff like this, while any business activity that gears toward the children in this town gets denied. Why another hotel? We have an empty one sitting just outside of town.


Because these are the local, favored families for whom the holy Meadow has been reserved for use and destruction. Bye Meadow!


It’s not that the meadow has been reserved for these families, they own the property. If you don’t want people building on property they own maybe you should buy it and donate it to the city.


Exactly what business geared towards children have been denied?


Exactly how has it been determined that this was needed In our community?


Right on! Build it and grow Show Low. Pinetop Lakeside kills jobs to protect the bird watchers. Good job Show Low!


Russ, You're alive! When did you get out of "Q-Trumplican" rehab?


Makes me so sad to see that meadow getting smaller and smaller.

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