SHOW LOW — 35-year-old Shawn Michael Chock, of White Mountain Lakes, allegedly drove a pickup over a group of 40 to 50 bicyclists on the Deuce of Clubs about 7:25 a.m. Saturday.

Seven people were seriously injured when Chock’s black Ford Super Duty F-150 pickup truck plowed into cyclists about 20 minutes into the Bike the Bluff race police said. Chock was then shot and wounded by police.

Show Low Police are investigating a collision between the pickup and multiple bicyclists participating in the Bike the Bluff event. The collision with bicyclists happened in front of Horne Collision Center.

Shortly after the crash the suspect, Chock, was shot by police on West Oliver Street about a mile west behind the Native Grill Restaurant in Show Low.

SLPD Sgt. Brandon Clark said Chock’s pickup was traveling eastbound in the fast lane when it veered across the street and struck the group of bicyclists who were traveling westbound.

“For whatever reason, he crossed over the lines. There was a group of riders that we are guessing were about 40 to 50 that were heading westbound in the number two, or the curb lane. They were involved in the Bike the Bluffs. He ended up striking several of the riders in that group,” Clark said Saturday morning at the scene on Deuce of Clubs.

The pickup then struck an APS power pole, breaking it and fled the scene. Power was out in some areas for three hours.

Clark said he is unsure if any of the cyclists died but said he thought eight to 10 were taken to Summit Healthcare and at least one was airlifted to a trauma center by helicopter from the scene of the impact.

Show Low Police released a written press release shortly before 11 a.m. Saturday stating that six people were taken to Summit Healthcare Center by ground ambulance. All six were in critical condition but two were stable. Two or three other victims walked into the hospital for treatment, according to police.

Sunday SLPD updated the condition of those injured stating in a press release, “Six cyclists were transported to Summit Healthcare via Timber Mesa Fire & Medical District and Snowflake-Taylor EMS personnel. Four arrived in critical condition. Two were subsequently transported to Flagstaff Medical Center where they remain in critical condition.”

The press release continued to state:

• 2 arrived in critical but stable condition.

• 2-3 walk-in victims arrived in stable condition.

• 1 cyclist was transported via air from the scene to the Flagstaff Medical Center and remains in critical condition.

• Suspect was transported and remains in stable condition. Suspect is 35yom and is a local resident.



• 7 cyclists transported to medical centers. Of those:

• 3 cyclists at Flagstaff Medical Center in critical condition.

• 1 cyclist at University Medical Center of NM is critical.

• 1 cyclist at Summit Healthcare is stable.

• 1 cyclist at Banner Medical Center-Phoenix is critical.

• 1 cyclist at Banner Medical Center-Phoenix is critical.

Cyclists involved were participating in the Master Men 55+/60+/65+/70+ category of the 13th Annual Bike the Bluff Arizona State Championship Road Race benefit event.

“I do not know how many were transported,” Clark said at the scene Saturday morning. “Whoever the suspect is, I do know he was taken to the hospital for whatever possible injuries he has. I don’t know what happened over there.”

After fleeing the scene of the collision with the bicyclists, the driver of the truck was apparently involved in a shooting on West Oliver Street behind the Native Restaurant, where he crashed the vehicle.

SLPD on scene said they believe the unidentified suspect was still alive. The suspect is listed in critical but stable condition, according to police.

The Navajo County Sheriff’s Office and the Arizona Department of Public Safety are assisting the SLPD in the investigation. No other official information is available at this time.

Counseling is available

Also, saying that the City of Show Low represents the best of Arizona, RecoveryWorks, has made therapists available to provide Crisis Counseling beginning yesterday and going through July 2 to anyone affected by this incident.

There will be no charge for contestants of the race, their families, volunteers at the event and event organizers, good samaritans who helped, witnesses, first responders and medical professionals.

RecoveryWorks is a state licensed recovery program which consists of multiple therapeutic settings and with a frequency that varies on each patients’ individualized treatment plan, according to their web page.

To contact Recovery Works, email to leave a name and contact information.

Mike Lieby, special to the Independent, contributed to this report.

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Bob Smith

I sure hope everyone who was injured recovers quickly and am grateful we have such professional medical care on the mountain. To the police who quickly neutralized the suspect a huge THANK YOU! Also have to say I'm impressed that the Independent is running the story so early in the day; kudos to editor Headley and his team for keeping us all informed.


If the officer used deadly force to stop the incident its obvious the suspect posed a "significant threat" to the officer or the community.

Per the Supreme Court. We the people on the mountain need to back the blue.


This needs to be prosecuted as an act of domestic terrorism. Doesn't make a difference if the terrorist uses a bomb, a gun or a vehicle.


What in the hell is wrong with people?! How does ANYONE rationalize fleeing a potential fatal scene that was caused by their own negligence, distraction or impairment? Total lack of empathy and heart at all to think your freedom is more important than the human lives you've injured or possibly killed.

My thoughts are with the victims and their families. I hope they all will pull through and recover.


This sounds like an intentional act of terrorism, not mere negligence, to me.


People are quick to jump to emotional conclusions. Let's wait until all the facts come in. The only thing for certain is bicycles and cars don't mix well. Turning America into a non-truck place is on the agenda and this will definitely be used to further that plan.


Yup, he may have been impaired, who knows.


My "Yup" response was only to the "people jumping to conclusions". We should just wait and see what the investigation reveals.


I can't believe you think people are turning America into an "anti-truck place". Whoever did this is a maniac. I don't know how you draw such an idiotic conclusion. Are you one of those conspiracy nuts that thinks Biden is there to take our guns and freedoms and now our trucks away? Kind of sounds like it. Maybe you are allowing Fox News to poison your brain.


We don't know what caused the driver to veer across the street and into the bikers. He could have had a seizure or been drunk or deliberately tried to harm people on bikes. The Ford Motor Company would go bankrupt without trucks. No one is out to confiscate your truck or ban trucks.


I was referring to something few people realize is in effect across America despite the fact that no one voted for it. It is called "Agenda 21" and is in part about encouraging bicycles and walking over cars, big trucks and basically anything that creates a "carbon footprint" including cows and beef. Emotional news is always used to promote political agendas. If you think that is just a "conspiracy theory" than you can't see the forest for the trees. So to speak. . .


You need to examine and do the research of how "Beijing" Biden is worthy of any loyalty from any patriotic American.

God speed and good wishes to all those hurt by this idiot!


Reply to your "conspiracy" statement is posted below by mistake.


God bless Timber Mesa and Snowflake EMS for their expertise. Where was Show Low EMS? I'd like to think Vickthechick3's 'truck' comment was facetious and intended to poke fun at all the 'ban everything' rhetoric. I hope so, anyway.


Show Low EMS is now Timber Mesa Fire and Medical. Just FYI. So obviously they were there.


Amazing how this is being politicized.......well, no it's not. Speedy recovery to all.

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