Object found in county park brings in EOD team

A DPS explosives team that was brought in to investigate a suspicious looking object in Tall Timbers Park discovered it was an empty container with fireworks taped to its sides.

OVERGAARD — A device that looked like it could have been a bomb ended up being just an empty bottle with firecrackers/fireworks taped to it.

But before it was known what it was, the object drew the attention of law enforcement while also bringing in the Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) and Explosive Ordinance Disposal team to find out what it was after being spotted in a county park around 4:30 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 9.

The object was seen by local couple walking their dog in the Tall Timber County Park off of State Route 260, who called the U.S. Forest Service and told them they saw an object with batteries and tubes taped to it along with wires sticking out of the object, that to them looked like it could have been an explosive device.

Heber-Overgaard Fire District personnel accompanied by deputies with the Navajo County Sheriff’s Office went to Tall Timbers Park and located the object near the racquetball court before establishing a perimeter and evacuating the park.

That is when the DPS EOD team was contacted and brought in to determine just what the object was.

They reportedly discovered that it was an empty alcohol container with fireworks taped to its sides and took it out of the park safely.

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