The unincorporated areas surrounding Holbrook, Joseph City, Winslow, Adamana, Goodwater, Sun Valley, Woodruff, and Chevelon Canyon are provided law enforcement services by the Navajo County Sheriff’s Office.

  • Sept. 29 — Navajo County Sheriff’s Office deputies on State Route 87 near milepost 341 arrested Marisol Sandoval-Verdugo, 56, of Cathedrel City, California, charged with transportation of dangerous drugs (27.6 pounds meth), possession of dangerous drugs for sale and possession of dangerous drugs.

Heber/Overgaard/Clay Springs/Pinedale

  • Sept. 26 — Deputies arrested Wojciech Kuczynski, 50, of Overgaard, charged with domestic violence-related disorderly conduct.

Snowflake/Taylor/White Mountain Lakes

  • Sept. 26 — Deputies arrested Jeremy Elery, 31, of Snowflake, charged with domestic violence-related disorderly conduct, disorderly conduct and for a probation violation.

Show Low/Linden/Silver Lake Estates

  • Sept. 30 — Deputies arrested Scott Noreen, 33, of Show Low, charged with DUI-drugs.

Pinetop/Lakeside/Wagon Wheel

  • Sept. 26 — Deputies arrested Christopher Whitten, 44, of Phoenix, charged with DUI, having an open container of alcohol in a vehicle and endangerment.
  • Oct. 2 — Deputies arrested Hope Begay, 27, of Piñon, charged with DUI.

Any information the public has in reference to suspects, in any case, is encouraged to assist law enforcement with information about the criminal activity. Your help is greatly appreciated. In addition, anyone with information can call the WeTip Hotline at 1-800-782-7463 for confidential reporting. ATV/Motorcycle operators please remember anyone riding on a public road (dirt or pavement) must have the proper license and other applicable paperwork. Any operator of an ATV/Motorcycle is responsible to know the laws associated with operating his or her ATV/Motorcycle. Please remember no matter the time of the year, you must possess a burn permit issued by your local police or fire department for any outdoor burning. Your compliance is very much appreciated. Sheriff’s Auxiliary Volunteers want everyone to know they do house watches as part of their services, would like to extend this service to those who have part-time homes in the area, and those leaving on vacation, etc…. Please call the Sheriff’s Office to speak to or leave a message for the Sheriff’s Axillary Volunteer’s Director for your community. Please remember to buckle up and watch out for motorcycles and ATVs on the roadways. Be courteous to other drivers and if you must consume alcohol get a designated driver, not a DUI. If you have any information which would assist the Sheriff’s Office in keeping your community safe, please contact a supervisor or deputy at one of our local phone numbers: 928-524-4050 or 928-289-6850. Information can also be provided to WeTip at 1-800-782-7463.

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