WHITE MOUNTAINS — The Navajo County Sheriff’s Office never gives up on a case, which is why they are still trying to find two men caught in Navajo County in 2016 transporting 12 pounds of heroin.

A press release fromnNCSO said deputies arrested Chandler residents Elio Briseno-Valenzuela, 38, and Jose Diaz-Rodriguez, 41, during a traffic stop in 2016 when deputies found the 12 pounds of low-grade, black tar heroin in the vehicle they were in.

Police believe they intended to sell it either locally or somewhere else on the black market. Heroin has been making a comeback in recent years because of its ready availability and the high profit margin on low-grade black tar heroin.

Black tar heroin is also considered a “dirty” drug that is extremely harmful to addicts, not just because it is an addictive drug made with chemicals that mimic real opiate based heroin, but because the chemicals used to make it are extremely toxic.

Briseno-Valenzuela showed up in court to face charges of conspiracy, possession of narcotic drugs for sale and transportation of narcotic drugs for sale, but skipped out before the last day while out on bond.

At this time he still faces those charges and also has two felony warrants for his arrest for failure to appear.

Diaz-Rodriguez on the other hand simply never showed up for trial on identical charges as Briseno-Valenzuela. Diaz-Rodriguez also has two felony warrants out for his arrest in connection with the drug charges and for not showing up to court.

The NCSO is asking anyone who might have information on their whereabouts to contact them at 928-524-4050 or at Wetip at 1-800-78 CRIME (27463).

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