• Aug. 9 — Show Low Police arrested Judah B. Chesley, 21, of Gilbert, charged with DUI-drugs. Police said Chesley allegedly inhaled compressed air from a can, then blacked out before running into a tree , and that he had two juveniles age 15 and 17 in the car at the time. The juveniles were taken to the local hospital for evaluation/treatment of non-life threatening injuries.

— Police arrested Andrew A. Bochinclonny, 40, of Winslow, on warrants that came with combined bonds of $3,200.

— Police arrested Monique T. Guzman, 28, of Pinetop, on a warrant for disorderly conduct that came with a $250 bond and on a new charge of false reporting to law enforcement.

  • Aug. 12 — Police arrested Tyrone J. Bordy, of St. Michaels, on a warrant for assault that came with a $394 bond.
  • Aug. 13 — Police arrested Daylan R. Shipley, 27, of Show Low, charged with domestic violence-related assault with injury and interfering with the judicial process.
  • Aug. 14 — Police arrested Stephen J. Pallos, 27, of Show Low, charge with leaving the scene of an accident and criminal damage.

— Police arrested Jeremiah R. Phillips, 29, of Pinetop, charged with DUI to the slightest degree, super extreme DUI (BrAC greater than 0.20), leaving the scene of an accident and criminal damage.

  • Aug. 15 — Police arrested Fernando Enriquez, 58, of Cibecue, on a Pinetop-Lakeside Justice Court warrant for disobeying a court order that came with a $2,271 bond.

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