• Feb. 23 — Snowflake-Taylor Police responded to the area of Porter and Seventh South after a call about a woman hitting a power pole came in. "She struck a power pole support wire and not the pole itself, which then caused a ripple effect down the line and blew a fuse that sparked and caused a fire. There were reports of power outages in various areas of town. APS was called and responded. The driver was not injured and the vehicle had to be towed from the scene," the responding officer wrote in his report.
  • Feb. 24 — Police responded to the Cedar Motel in response to a call about a fight where an officer arrested Brian Gasaway, 49, of Snowflake, charged with disorderly conduct, and aggravated domestic violence. He was booked into the Navajo County Jail annex.
  • Feb. 25 — Police cited and referred to juvenile authorities a 16-year-old Taylor girl, charged with underage drinking.
  • Feb. 26 — Police arrested Melquides Gonzales Jr., 61, of Snowflake, charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and disorderly conduct. Police said Gonzales hit his brother with a wooden walking stick causing injury to the brother's lower lip. Milton Ray Gonzales, 59, of Snowflake, was cited and released, charged with disorderly conduct. 
  • Feb. 27 — Police on South Main Street in Taylor cited and released Jacob Shields, 24, of Snowflake, charged with failure to stop/yield at an intersection. 

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