HOLBROOK — A Show Low man told authorities he started four fires in eastern Arizona because it was “his duty to God.”

Steven William Turner was arrested Thursday and was taken to the Navajo County jail. Authorities say the 29-year-old had been on probation for assault and drug charges.

A citizen reported large fires burning early Thursday morning. The Show Low Police Department contained the fires, while Show Low police detained Turner until Navajo County sheriff’s deputies arrived.

Two of the fires were in brush piles, while the other two were started in juniper trees.

Authorities questioned Turner about the fires and said he acknowledged starting them. Fire restrictions were in place.

Authorities say they also found Biblical literature in the area.

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Lara Croft

When will they stop this man? He has already hurt so many people. He should of never got out of jail, and should be locked up with no chance of ever getting out. How much more damage and crimes will he be allowed to commit before he is stopped? He is a danger to our world!!!!!

Northern Songs LTD

This is what happens when law enforcement practices "catch and release". It's a national epidemic.


Hello Lara,

"When will they stop this man?"

He is in jail, duh

"He has already hurt so many people"

Who, where and when?

"How much more damage and crimes will he be allowed to commit before he is stopped? "

He set some fires by Mormon Lake and the fires were put out and he was arrested. End of story.

Lara Croft

They had him in jail before, and let him go. Now he has tried to start another area of our mountain on fire, because God told him too, if you think that's acceptable maybe you should join him. They knew when they had him in jail he was a danger to society but they let him out anyway. This is a man who should be put away where he can't cause anymore problems. btw he has been arrested numerous times and keeps being let out.. So this is NOT the end of the story...

Rick Slo Low

Another case of "tweeker brain" mabe next time he could light a fire at one of the local meth labs and do us all a favor.

Lara Croft

you are 100% correct Rick. And I will never understand how they let people like him out on the streets.. But I like your idea of letting him burn down the labs...


I'll tell you about this IDIOT! He tried to commit suicide by ODing on tylenol about a year ago. Why? To show he was crazy-to get on Social Security-to avoid having to get a job to make child support payments he owed! HIS DIRECT QUOTE TO MY FAMILY! He and his cronies do nothing but party all night and act like zombies! His "family" that helped him get his mental status SET with Social Security needs to either get him SENT to a mental facility or the LAW needs to send "stupid Steven" to the state pen. Steven knows exactly what he is doing and has done. I could write a book on his antics. CRAZY? Yea! Crazy like a fox!


There is something called rule of law. I guess if it wasn't for that they could lock anyone up for anything.

He will be charged with a felony and i'm sure with the emotional reactions of the community the county prosecutor will try to get the maximum.

And all of you voted for the judges and prosecutors in the area so if they havn't done what is nessecary to insure the safety of the community then vote them out next time.

And where did you your feeble brain think i support his actions LaraCroft?


And to those of you who know this person, I personally don't know or associate with low-life scumbags or their families, why haven't complaints been filed from you.

It is a felony to be under the influence of the substances you guys mentioned and you seem to have alot of knowledge of him. If I had that info i'd be on the polices buts to get him out of the community.


Knowing someone and getting something done about the way they live their life is NOT a task easily done! This man has family here in this area and one member in particular with TIES TO THE COURTS. He was in jail for several months for drugs; he called the cops on himself and pulled drugs out in front of Navajo County Deputies who responded to "his call". The reasons for his release I do not know....... And in further response to you- AzisGr8, I have called the law! I have called the law and reported loud parties, I have called the law and reported other crimes! YOU ASK THE COURTS WHY HE GETS OUT! ASK THE COUNTY DEPUTIES/COURT SYSTEM HOW YOU CAN PULL DRUGS OUT IN FRONT OF 2 DEPUTIES, GET ARRESTED AND YOU'RE OUT 2 MONTHS LATER! As for associating with low lifes and scum bags,it must be nice to live in your TIDY, PERFECT little world! I myself work 50 hrs a week and SEE ALOT of people and with what society puts up with in this day & age-the majority of them ARE low lifes and scum bags!

Lara Croft

I don't know who you are leetseepaz, but I agree with you completely and I like you. It is sickening how he continues to be set free, when he admits he's going to do more bad things. For some reason he thinks he's God or I mean Jesus, or I mean God's son or I mean both, he says he's all of the above so I'm not sure, but he has told the cops, lawyers and judges this. ( But I guess that's normal and ok). I also have tried to get this man put away for his crimes, and he always seems to be let go. And AzisGr8, I do not associate with this low life evil thing, he has tried to push himself on my family. I wish I had never met him. He has caused nothing but horrible destructive things to my Family for 2 years now. He Did NOT come into my life by choice and I have spent 2 years trying to keep him away. But his evilness will just not stop. Also I'm not sure why you feel he is worth defending?

Rick Slo Low

Awww perhaps the poor boys out already could he perhaps have been wandering the lone pine dam area this morning?

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